My first taste of mathcore was Dillinger Escape Plan’s EP Irony Is A Dead Scene with Mike Patton. The rhythms blew me away and Patton’s vocals are unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It was perfect. The problem was, it was too short.

This is where Hunab Ku come into play.

Hunab Ku’s The Gaze Inward picks up where Irony Is A Dead Scene left off. The vocals even sound like Mike Patton, so the illusion is complete. While it might not be the most original thing out there, this is just what any fan of the DEP-Patton collab would be itching for. This album goes all over the map. Hunab Ku are seemingly influenced by every great metal band ever, citing influences from The Faceless, Primus, Gojira, Genghis Tron, DEP, Meshuggah, and Mr. Bungle, just to name a few. The Gaze Inward jumps around quit a bit, from chaotic mathcore to almost peaceful and dreamy ambient sections and then over to the circus-inspired music akin to Mr. Bungle. This is some seriously schizophrenic music here.

This is a near perfect avant-garde metal record. I say near-perfect because like I said, it’s been done before. But that’s what Hunab Ku does. The Gaze Inward combines their influences seamlessly, builds upon them, and spits it back out at the fans yearning for more.

Pecking Out My Stained Glass Eyes


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