1. How it Is.  How Its Going To Be.

2. The Kicking Legs

3. Bishop

4. The Biologist

5. Windowless House

6. He Is Never Coming Back

7. Canine Disposal Unit

8. The Anthropologist

9. The Meat Of A Leg Joint

10. The Astronomer

11. Tombless

12. The Historian

13. Carnivore

This is the tracklist for the upcoming Gaza release “He Is Never Coming Back.” The album has been mixed and is awaiting mastering, according to the band’s blog.  If you’re not familiar with Gaza, they’re a metalcore band that take influences from sludge and mathcore and several other genres. Their last release “I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Die” contained a bleak, terrifying, and abysmal atmosphere that was shockingly good, which explains why this new album is rather enticing. Check them out.




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