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Farewell, 2012: Deadite’s Top 11 Albums Of 2012


O hay, it’s The King Of Procrastination! I’ve been letting the world of music pass me by the past couple of months as I’m creating my website and writing my horror novel and almost let the top of the year list slip by me. Luckily, Riddick the Cat called me up yesterday and told me to get the hell to work with this because I’m a “better interest to him than the human he lives with.” So there’s that. But, why shall we be bound to doing a list in a multiple of five? “Nay,” says Deadite, “Let’s beat the system and do eleven top albums of the year!” So dark, edgy, and kvlt.

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The Rotted’s New Video, ‘Surrounded By Skulls

It’s been a good 8 months since The Rotted released Ad Nauseam, but thankfully that hasn’t stopped the band from pushing the material from it. ‘Surrounded By Skulls‘ was, by far, one of my favourite tracks from the album, it seemed the perfect mission statement for the bands self-proclaimed ‘d-beat death metal’ and clearly revels in the warty simplicity of it all. As for the video, it shows the band in their natural setting by splicing stock footage of skeletons and other atrocities with some crusty black and white video of a live performance – it’s exactly the kind of no-frills approach that we’ve come to expect from the band and I wouldn’t want anything else.

– DL

Download A Free Candlelight Records Sampler, Featuring A New Ihsahn Track!

Around these parts we’re pretty big fans of the Ihsahn and we’ve all been waiting patiently to hear some new music from his forthcoming album, Eremita. Luckily for us — and of course all of you — today that option has been bestowed down by the good people at Candlelight Records by way of a free sampler available at Amazon.com. The free download is simply called Candlelight Sampler and features an assortment of new music from various bands on the Candelight lineup. I’m not too familiar with most of these bands, but it would appear that the only song that’s truly new is Ihsahn’s track — titled ‘The Paranoid’ — as the album cover list it as a world premier.

I haven’t had time to listen any thing other than the Ihsahn track, mostly because I’m a terrible person, but what I have heard (the Ihsahn track) is phenomenal. It’s pretty clear from this song that the old Norwegian has decided to move further in the realm of prog and continues to eschew his black metal roots for some pretty exciting and divisive sounds. Honestly, I think this is one of the most solid and well written songs in Ihsahn’s entire library of work. It has certainly gotten me even more pumped up for Eremita.

You can download the sampler here, but beware, Amazon makes you jump through a lot of stupid hoops to actually get the song onto your computer. Be sure to give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below. Ihsahn’s fourth solo album, Eremita, comes out June 19th on Candlelight Records.

– EC

The Rotted – Ad Nauseam

The Rotted

Ad Nauseam


01. Anarchogram Sun
02. Rex Oblivione
03. Surrounded By Skulls
04. Non Serviam
05. Just Add Nauseam
06. Entering The Arena Of The Unwell
07. The House Of Bedlam
08. Apathy In The UK
09. Motorbastards
10. The Hammer Of Witches
11. Put Me Out Of Your Misery

[Candlelight Records]

The Rotted (formerly Gorerotted) area London band, through and through. You could hear it distinctly on their 2008 full-length Get Dead Or Die Trying – stories of drug abuse, fist fights and even tour bus surfing nestled peacefully alongside a style of punk-y death metal that owed as much to Motorhead and Discharge as it did to Cannibal Corpse. Whilst The Sex Pistols shambled through most of their material in the name of ‘punk’, The Rotted shifted effortlessly between d-beats and blastbeats to show that you could retain all the sneering swagger of a punk band while still playing competently. Ad Nauseam is, however, a little different to what we’ve come to expect.

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Candlelight Records Signs More ‘Quality Fuckin’ Metal’

I can kid myself for only so long that this is news but I thought an update on British death metal titans The Rotted would do you all some good. Plus Tim Carley is hilarious.

Yes that’s right, The Rotted now nestle happily amongst great acts including Ihsahn, Xerath and Anaal Nathrakh over at Candlelight Records and not alongside any ‘floppy haired Christians pretending to be Arnold fuckin’ Schwarzenegger’. Personally, it doesn’t really mean much to me other than we’re one step closer to getting another release with a promise of more updates in the next few weeks. But it’s also good to see Carley well over the fact that he went all Tony Iommi on us and lost the end of a finger (THIS VIDEO IS FAIRLY GRAPHIC) as I’ll be seeing them at Bloodstock later this week.

– DL