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Download Red Seas Fire’s Debut Album For Free!

Red Seas Fire - Self Titled

This one has been quite a while in the making, but UK progressive metal outfit Red Seas Fire’s brand new, debut self-titled album is now available for free download!

The band have been cagey on details – at least since I heard about them at the beginning of this year – but it was released yesterday afternoon (Sunday is an odd day to release a new album, but I’m sure they had their reasons), so go out and grab your copy; unless you’re a chump. You’re not a chump, are you?

For those unfamiliar with these chaps, you may have seen one of their guitarists Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood covering from Jake Bowen of Periphery on the LXD tour at the beginning of 2011, or more recently for the recently departed Alex Bois at Sonisphere.

– CG

Red Seas Fire Post New Track “Cipher“, Set Release Date For Debut Record

Red Seas Fire

Some of you may remember us mentioning Bristol/Bath-based progressive metal band Red Seas Fire back at the beginning of the year. They were brought to my attention thanks to guitarist Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood’s stint helping Periphery out on the UK leg of the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen tour when Jake Bowen got a boo-boo on his finger. Up until now we’ve been lacking any solid recordings from them, but they’ve finally released a new video of their own.

It’s a playthrough video of guitarists Nolly and Pete jamming a new track called “Cipher” from their forthcoming six-track debut record, due out on the tantalisingly close September 4th.

These guys are super awesome, and I’m looking forward to their first proper release. I AM EXCITE.

– CG

Watch Monuments Go Monumental In Paris!

Although it happened months ago now, the memory of The LXD (League of Extraordinary Djentlemen) Tour lives on strong, especially as Monuments have released the entirety of the Paris version of their set on their Youtube channel!

Despite the fact that vocalists Neema Askari and Greg Pope are no longer with the band, it’s till a good watch, and proof that, should the band be able to find suitable replacements, Monuments will be a force to reckon with in the coming months.

Up first we’ve got as-yet unreleased tracks “Doxa” and “97% Static“:

They have indeed got an album on the way, and trust me, any news we get on that shall be swiftly passed on to you guys.

Catch the rest of the set after the jump, including another unreleased track “Empty Vessels” and stunning set-closer “Admit Defeat“.

– CG

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Fantastic LXD Interview From Got-Djent/Prog-Hippie

The lovely people at Got-Djent.com and Prog-Hippie.com teamed up at the London date of The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen Tour to talk to members of all three of the incumbent bands (Monuments, TesseracT and Periphery), as well as joinees The Safety Fire, amd Paul Ortiz, Mr. Chimp Spanner himself.

It was their first video interview, and we know well enough that these things are hard, but I really enjoyed watching it, and hope they’ll put out more in the future. Great job!

You can watch the first part here, but make sure to head over to their sites (links above) to catch the second part, and show them your support.

The LXD Tour is now over (boo!) but I’m sure all the bands have imminent plans, including full-lengths from Monuments and TesseracT and tours from Chimp Spanner and Periphery!

– CG

Live Review: The LXD Tour @ Camden Underworld

The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen Tour (UK)

We don’t do live reviews very often. This is mostly my fault; out of everyone on the staff I probably go to the most shows. Almost every UK tour comes through London, so I have more opportunity than the other guys. That being said, I don’t always put much weight on live reviews; they’re even more subjective than albums at times, so if you like the band, chances are you’ll probably like the show.

The reason I feel compelled to write this one, however, is to address an issue about which we at Heavy Blog feel quite strongly – concerning a certain vocalist – but more on that later.

So this was the final date of the UK leg of the tour, held at Underworld, which most metal bands have played at one point or another in their careers. It’s a great little venue, despite the massive pillar in the middle of the room.

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Matt Halpern / Mike Malyan Jam On “Icarus Lives!

Heavy Blog favorites Periphery‘s drummer Matt Halpern and recently reviewed Monuments‘ drummer Mike Malyan got together and (d)jammed on “Icarus Lives!” by Periphery.  Watch this epic jam below.  If you’re a drummer like myself, your mind shall be blown, which is always a positive note.

[Ed – Periphery and Monuments are both currently on tour with TesseracT on the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen tour, which is currently in the UK and will hit Europe from February 12th! (Thanks Olly!)]

– GR