Kalmah – Seventh Swamphony

Seventh Swamphony may not hit as high and loud as The Black Waltz did seven years ago. It is however a very worthy contender that could come first for those Kalmah fans who just can’t look up to The Black Waltz as the band’s finest hour.

Chthonic – Bú-Tik

Taiwanese symphonic black metal band Chthonic are an interesting bunch. They’ve had a devoted cult following which can be attributed to their fairly unique sound and aesthetic (and perhaps the fact that they’re one of the few well-known metal bands from Taiwan). Nearly two decades from their formation, they’ve recently gained worldwide fame after signing to Spinefarm Records in 2009. Bu-Tik is their third album on Spinefarm, and their seventh overall. The band have stated that this album is supposed to be a blend of their previous three albums. While it doesn’t contain a lot of black metal influences unlike the band’s older albums, it’s still very interesting and a fine album.

Shining – Redefining Darkness

Shining Redefining Darkness 01. Du, Mitt Konstverk 02. The Ghastly Silence 03. Han Som Hatar Människan 04. Hail Darkness Hail 05. Det Stora Grå 06. For the God Below [10/29/12] [Spinefarm Records] For nearly two decades, the depressive black metal outfit Shining and its indomitable leader Nikolas Kvarforth have been…

In Mourning – The Weight Of Oceans

In Mourning The Weight of Oceans 01. Colossus 02. A Vow To Conquer The Ocean 03. From A Tidal Sleep 04. Celestial Tear 05. Convergence 06. Sirens 07. Isle Of Solace 08. The Drowning Sun 09. Voyage Of A Wavering Mind [04/24/12] [Spinefarm Records] Many years ago, Sweden gave heavy…

Soen – Cognitive

Soen Cognitive 01. Fraktal 02. Fraccions 03. Delenda 04. Last Light 05. Oscillation 06. Canvas 07. Ideate 08. Purpose 09. Slithering 10. Savia [02/14/12] [Spinefarm Records] Supergroups are often looked at in the high hopes that they turn out to be more than the sum of their parts in a…