Matt Mingus & Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance: The Heavy Blog Interview

Thanks to the editor gods, I was given an opportunity to talk to the two founding members of my favorite band of all time, Dance Gavin Dance. For me, this is a dream come true. For you, it’s an insight into the minds of drummer Matt Mingus and guitarist Will Swan, two essential components that are integral to one of the most unique bands of the last 15 years. On the last day of their tour with Underoath and Veil of Maya (the only other band I’ve interviewed), we had a chat over Skype. We talked about how they select album titles, how they view bands getting softer as they get older and the legendary Paul Blart.

The Acacia Strain – Gravebloom

For fifteen years The Acacia Strain have used brown noise breakdowns and violent lyrical images to win fans worldwide. Whether it’s viewed as dumb narcissism or tailor made nihilism, the music has been used as a weapon to destroy venues and listeners auditory health. Any consumer of extreme music who is aware of this band should be able to tell their sound apart from the droves of down tempo and beatdown acts that infest music today. But with a constant record-tour-record cycle that has seen them shed virtually all of their original members along the way, can they continue to impress at the same level? Do they wind their collective neck in and continue to please the fans or is their room for any form of evolution in their sound? Does anyone still want to hear this anyway? Gravebloom answers all three of these questions. It has The Acacia Strain at their most destructive, venom spitting best, taking cues from the colossal closing act of 2014’s Coma Witch and toying with a sound rooted in doom and gloom; making damn sure that people will pay attention to the world’s angriest band again.

The Acacia Strain – Coma Witch

The Acacia Strain are lauded as one of the bands that lead the way in terms of the most brutal and heavy Deathcore on the market. Their signature sound is recognizable across all their releases, and the band has put out consistently good music since their inception. However, their last…

The Acacia Strain – Death is the Only Mortal

There are always going to be records so unbelievably heavy that being still whilst listening doesn’t seem like an option. Every new riff introduced sends chills up your spine, every lyric is a call to scream along at the top of your lungs, and every single moment of the album from start to finish is an adrenaline rush that beckons some form of violence. If these records were cans of gasoline in an arsonist’s garage, The Acacia Strain’s Death is the Only Mortal is the Enola Gay’s atomic bomb.

Attack Attack! – This Means War

Attack Attack! This Means War 01. The Revolution 02. The Betrayal 03. The Hopeless 04. The Reality 05. The Abduction 06. The Motivation 07. The Wretched 08. The Family 09. The Confrontation 10. The Eradication [01/17/12] [Rise Records] What can I possibly say about Attack Attack! that hasn’t already been…

Rise Records Actually Signs A Good Band

On Saturday, Rise Records signed post-hardcore “dream team”, Decoder. I say dream team because the band features ex-members of Oceana, Of Machines, and Versa Emerge, but I use the term “dream team” loosely because none of those bands are essentially amazing to me. Decoder itself however, sounds pretty awesome (save for the…