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Farewell, 2012: Riddick’s Top 5 Albums of 2012


The humans think that they own me, but I own them. How many hours do they spend in the house? An hour in the morning, and a few hours in the evening. I am here all day long. Yet they deem it appropriate to force their inferior music on me. Fear not, for I have identified which of those musics are worth listening to over the course of the year. I shall now bring you the preferences of a superior feline being. My preferences lie with the composer the humans call Beethoven, but he hasn’t made any new albums the past few years so I will have to deal with albums made by other artists.

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Remember that silly tech-deathcore band from last week that ran around the woods and had buttsex with each other? Well as a token of gratitude for the support and their viral reach with the video, Infant Annihilator have done a deathcore style cover/remix of PSY‘s cross-cultural pop hit ‘Gangnam Style.’ They’ve left the original vocals intact, which makes for an odd clash against the brutal musical stylings, bit it’s certainly interesting enough. I can dig the instrumental work aside from the gratuitous use of breakdowns, but it’s still pretty damn cool.

Stream the song above and download it for free via Mediafire. For more silly tech-deathcore stylings, hit up Infant Annihilator on Facebook.

– JR