Heavy Rewind – Entropia

Some albums fracture: their own fame is somehow forgotten among listeners and even experts but their legacy can be found in countless acts that come after them. Whether it’s their approach to their specific genre, actual sounds and moments from the album or a method of production, the basis elements of what made up the album get recycled, reused, resurrected. This can create an interesting disparity between how important the album is and how much people know it or even still play it, so long after it came out. Entropia is one of those albums. Not only did it launch one of the longest careers in progressive metal, namely that of Pain of Salvation, it also broke numerous limits and forged a vision of what progressive metal could be, way back when in 1997.

Hey! Listen to Bruce Soord!

There’s a band called The Pineapple Thief which deserves way more attention and recognition than it normally receives. Peddling in the artful science of progressive rock, they blend melancholy, electronica and guitars in order to bravely carry on the legacy first set forth by Porcupine Tree. However, they’re hardly a copy and a…