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Few current day bands seem to divide the heavy music community, let alone Heavy Blog’s readers and contributors, like Periphery, and few musicians are as controversial and as outspoken as the band’s mastermind, Misha Mansoor.  So when the band was recently in Melbourne for the Soundwave festival, I jumped at the chance to sit down with Misha and vocalist Spencer Sotelo for an extended chat regarding, amongst other things, their views on their expansive social media footprint and the utility of modern production techniques, as well as a world first exclusive insight into the definitive meaning behind their recently released video to ‘Scarlet‘. To be warned, this interview clocks in at around 6000 words, so if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, check out our interview below!

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Hello! This is Kyle Bishop, singer, songwriter, and piano player of the shitty band, Numbers. For some reason, HBIH thinks my opinion matters, and asked what I’ve been listening to this crazy year of 2012. So, without wasting anymore of your time, here are a few!

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