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The long overdue new record from post-metal act Minsk promises to be one of the more enchanting records of 2015, and our collective anticipation grows as news rolls in. The Crash & The Draw is being spun by label Relapse Records as…

[…a]n instant contender for one of the most forward-thinking metal records of the year, each cascading movement is a crucial sonic passage through dark and light. At once crushing, hallucinatory and at times, spiritually illuminating, tracks ebb and flow with a pastoral elegance and tangible urgency. Only furthering the record’s captivating allure, The Crash & The Draw is a thematic continuation of the group’s long-standing attraction to alchemical and esoteric ideologies, with marked nods toward the thought and writings of perennial inspiration, Kahlil Gibran, and the espoused words of Hermes Trismegistus, the fabled author of the Corpus Hermeticum and other sacred texts and serves as a fitting audio soundscapade for those souls devoted to the manifestations of Neurosis, Rwake, Yob, Isis and the like.

Of course, there’s the desire to take the label’s assessment with a grain of salt, but given that the album is produced by Sanford Parker (Wovenhand, Lord Mantis, Indian, etc), the quality of the Relapse ouvre, and some of the new music samples heard in the new album trailer (after the jump), I’m inclined to take it at face value.

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Lord Mantis - Possession Prayer

The doom metal heavyweights in Lord Mantis have released an incredibly bleak and NSFW video for their song ‘Possession Prayer’. I’m not just throwing adjectives out there, either. Bleak is an accurate description of the seven minute and fifteen second clip you’re about to witness. If you feel up to it, you can see it in all of its glory after the jump.

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abigail williams 2014

Abigail Williams are shifting styles across the black metal spectrum almost as fast as they swap out members, and it’s typically always for the better. The band blossomed into atmospheric black metal in the realm of Wolves in the Throne Room for 2012’s Becoming, which was one of my personal favorites from that year. Now the band are on the move once again with a new lineup and a new sonic direction, and while they’re putting finishing touches on the highly anticipated record, they’ve decided to tie fans over with early versions of two brand new songs that are now streaming with our friends at No Clean Singing.

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We’re back! Yesterday, we kicked off our mid-year list with some truly crushing albums, ranging from the heavy to the progressive to the down right insane. As this list keeps going, it’s going to become quite clear just how good 2014 has been to us. Seriously, can any of you remember a year filled with more amazing and exciting records? And in the first half of it, as well? We’re not planning on stopping any time soon!

Without further ado, here’s an arbitrarily arranged list of awesome albums from 2014 so far. Remember: it’s okay to not like thing.

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Lord Mantis – Death Mask

lord mantis death mask

Imagine the most horrific/traumatic thing that has occurred in your life. Now, imagine that event in audio form and stretched out over the course of 7 tracks that clock in at 48 minutes. This is a perfect representation of the new Lord Mantis record, Death Mask. This is a journey that you have to be fully willing to embark on, as it is not for the faint of heart or the weak willed. It is a grueling slog that will make you question your existence and whether or not you should end it immediately. It will lead you down narrow hallways filled with corpses, vast caverns that light could not survive in, and mud thickened by the blood of weary travelers who just couldn’t live any longer or walk any further. Believe it or not, this is all meant positively.

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2014 has seen a peculiar abundance of blackened doom and sludge. Relapse Records put out albums from two big players in the niche genre simultaneously in January with the latest efforts from Indian (review here) and Culted, and other big names such as Thou and Lord Mantis are just around the corner. In case your year just wasn’t bleak enough or you figure today’s a good day to harm yourself or others, Indiana’s Coffinworm are streaming their new album IV.I.VIII in its entirety at Stereogum.

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lord mantis

There’s definitely something wrong with Lord Mantis. And I mean that in the best way possible, because the sounds they conjure on ‘Body Choke‘, taken from their upcoming new album Death Mask, are, to put it lightly, unearthly. It’s a nauseous cesspool of sludge, doom and black metal — culminating in an atmosphere so bleak and oppressive that there’s a good chance it may even collapse on itself.

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Lord Mantis

If you didn’t catch Lord Mantis‘ Pervertor a couple of years back, you missed out on one of the filthiest and sludgiest black metal records in recent memory. Thankfully though, there’s time to repent, as the group are readying their new album, entitled Death Mask, for later this year on April 15th through Profound Lore.

And, the general rule of thumb is, a sickeningly heavy album needs sickeningly heavy artwork to accompany it. Death Mask aims for something a little more memorable though. It’s distinctly NSFW, so jump in at your own risk.

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If the whole ‘Avant-garde Week’ thing didn’t tip you off, we’re quite partial to a bit of mind-bending insanity here at Heavy Blog. So, consider this our very own corner to discuss music that answers the question ‘why?!’ with a resounding ‘why the fuck not?’

First up, is the new collaboration between the black metal/noise phenomenon that is Gnaw Their Tongues and the sludge-ridden Belgian dirge of Alkerdeel. Together they spewed forth a nineteen minute swandive into a pit of sludge and dirty needles by the name of ‘Dyodyo Asema‘, put together to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Belgian label ConSouling Sounds, and an equally disgusting video that you can view below:

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Who the hell is Famt Wang, you ask?! He’s a graphic artist who has done shirt designs for the likes of Reflections and Bound by Exile, he is the creator of a line of limited edition guitar picks for Carnifex, Dweller, and Ophidian I, and member of up-and-coming death metal band Blue Waffle (for the love of Christ, don’t Google them). He reached out to us concerning his very own Top 10 list and we were happy to oblige! Read his thoughts on the year below.

So, I wanted my top 10 list to not get lost in my 1,000,000 blog posts a day on Facebook; so I asked my friend over at Heavy Blog is Heavy to post it for me. Luckily they all think my music taste is great and that I’m funny as fuck, or I wouldn’t have been worked into the last day of publishing. 2012, has been a year full of jacking off, bad relationships, and somewhat decent music; at least for me. Communications was my focus for this year, and laying low. I think I got high more then anything in the last year and just blasted music. 2013 will be much more productive; my band will actually make real music and not fuck up splits with other bands, I’ll produce more guitar picks, and I’ll still smoke way too much weed. Here’s my top 10 releases of 2012.

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