In Somniphobia

01. Purgatorium
02. The Transfiguration Fear Lucid Nightmares
03. Lucid Nightmare
04. Somniphobia
05. L’excommunication a Minuit
06. Amnesia
07. Far Beneath the In-Between
08. Amongst the Phantoms of Abandoned Tumbrils
09. Fall to the Thrall
10. Equale (a. Prelude, b. Fugato, c. Coda)


You know, I usually am a big fan of writing a traditional review that is very descriptive, but this album defies characterization. If you’ve ever listened to Sigh before, you’ll know that this album will be batshit crazy like their previous work, bu let’s take a step back and start over; What is In Somniphobia? Who are Sigh? Well, they’re a Japanese avant-garde black metal band. They’re completely insane, blending power metal-esque cheese, raw black metal, saxophones, video game music, and middle eastern influences to name a few. Sounds like a trainwreck, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. There’s a reason Sigh are known as one of the most avant-garde bands — it’s because they’re great. In Somniphobia is their ninth studio album since their inception in 1990 (they’re one of Japan’s first black metal bands!) and they’re crazier than ever.

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