Hey! Listen to Victorian Whore Dogs!

Rock and metal with a sense of humor is good and all, but with it comes the (often true) stereotype that there isn’t much to it musically. There are obvious exceptions—Frank Zappa managed to make music that was both hilarious and interesting, and Every Time I Die’s sense of humor is always fun to be around; I mean, who else could come up with a track title like “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space”? The answer to that question is Victorian Whore Dogs, a British-based metal band who recently put out their third studio album Afternoonified last month.

Early Man – Death Potion

Early Man Death Potion 01. Death Potion 02. Brainwash at Birth 03. Someone Else’s Nightmare 04. Nine Riders 05. Fight 06. Unseen Tormentor 07. Through Chemtrails 08. The Undertaker is Calling You 09. Killdrone 10. I Am the Child of Evil 11. By the Serpents Breath You Seeth 12. Six…