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Erra Lose A Guitarist And Their Vocalist

You heard it. Erra lost their lead singer and one of their guitarists in a double whammy. Bummer. Direct from the band’s Facebook:

“Hey everyone, we have a couple big announcements to make;

It has been rumored in the last few months that our frontman Garrison was leaving the band. Those rumors were actually true. Garrison had a great job opportunity come up back in March. We could tell for a while that his heart wasn’t in it like it used to be, so we all talked about it and mutually decided that it was the right thing to do. There was no bad blood or tension in this conversation. As a matter of fact, he did 2 more tours with us after that conversation until we were able to find the right guy to fill the new vocalist spot (the Veil of Maya & Texas in July tours)

So now that you’re up to speed on the sad news, the good news is that we just finished recording a new EP with our new vocalist, Ian Eubanks.
Ian has been one of our best friends from Birmingham for years now, and we hope that you trust us when we say that there is absolutely no one more qualified to fill the spot as our vocalist as Ian is. We’ve heard the new mixes and are extremely confident that Erra fans will be completely satisfied and accepting of this new addition to the band…(no seriously, you’ll love it haha).

Also, our bass player Sean has moved to guitar (the departure of our guitarist Alan is completely unrelated to Garrison’s). We have not filled the bass position yet, but we aren’t in a hurry and are searching privately within our own realm of friends, so PLEASE do not send any tryout submissions or messages.

Lastly, I’ll just say that the reason behind recording new songs as quickly as we did was to show you guys as quickly as possible that you don’t have to be concerned about our band falling apart. We recorded these songs so you could hear them and say “oh thank god, they still write songs I like”. So please, don’t worry you guys haha. The band is stronger than ever, and I’m being completely honest about that. This is only the start to all the incredible news we have to share with y’all over the course of the next 3 months….It’s all really insane and we are completely humbled and excited by everything that lays ahead.

Thank you, and we love and appreciate all of you guys for caring about our band as much as we do.

– Jesse”

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Bermuda Drummer Mike Levine To Join Glass Cloud On Upcoming Tour

glass cloud lineup change

There’s been a lot hubbub in the last week or so, concerning the fairly major line up shuffle within the Glass Cloud. The announcement originally came in a roundabout way with the UK Tech-Metal Fest stating that their appearance had been cancelled due to the departure of two members, before we later on found out that those two members were drummer Chad Hasty and bassist Travis Sykes — a troublesome prospect as many were quick to compliment the rhythm section’s work on The Royal Thousand. So, who exactly will be taking their place?

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Glass Cloud Announces Departure Of Musicians Who Aren’t Josh Travis and Jerry Roush

glass cloud lineup change

Some sudden and shocking rumors broke recently regarding the band Glass Cloud and a potentially gutted lineup; after the group pulled out of their high billing gig at this year’s UK Tech Fest, festival organizers alleged that it was due to two members being asked to leave. With Glass Cloud being a four-piece and sporting some incredible musicians, this news was particularly troublesome. Now the band have officially opened up about the situation, announcing that drummer Chad Hasty and bassist Travis Sykes have left Glass Cloud.

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Glass Cloud Cancel UK Tech-Metal Fest Appearance, Two Members ‘Asked To Leave The Band’

Glass Cloud

It’s always unfortunate to hear of band’s missing out on opportunities due to internal issues, but it’s an equally unfortunate fact of life that sometimes things just don’t work out. The latest situation of this ilk comes as the Facebook page of the UK Tech-Metal Fest has announced that Glass Cloud, featuring Joshua Travis of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and Jerry Roush of Sky Eats Airplane, has cancelled their appearance at the festival due to the fact that ‘two members have recently been asked to leave the band’. The full statement reads as:

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Erra Recording Five Song EP


On Friday, Erra took to their Facebook to inform the public that they are currently recording a five song EP due out sometime in the fall. Then, on Saturday, they posted a small snippet of recording rhythm guitar for the project. They also stated that this is one of many surprising announcements to come from the band this year. These updates follow the announcement that they will be touring with Scale the Summit, Glass Cloud, Relfections and for the first time on U.S. soil, Monuments.

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Scale The Summit And Glass Cloud To Co-Headline US Tour Featuring Erra, Reflections, and Monuments

scale the summit glass cloud 2014 tour

Instrumental favorites Scale the Summit have had a little bit of downtime since they wrapped up their tour with The Ocean in March, though it was not time wasted. Guitarist Chris Letchford used that time to wrap up sessions for his upcoming solo album Lightbox, which features Evan Brewer and StS’s Mark Michell sharing bass duties as well as contributions from members of Reign of Kindo. Should be a great jazz-fusion record!

With Lightbox coming July 15th, that puts Scale the Summit back on the road, and this time, they’re co-headlining with Glass Cloud and bringing along supporting acts Erra, Reflections, and Monuments. This tour is actually Monuments’ live US debut, so make it out and treat them right. Except for Olly Steele doe. Get dates below.

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PHOTOS: Letlive, Architects, Glass Cloud, & I The Mighty — April 26th, 2014 @ The Granada Theatre in Lawrence, KS

letlive architects tour 2014


Letlive and Architects are likely two of the most important names on the hardcore end of the metalcore spectrum right now; Letlive’s electrifying live act and forward-thinking approach put them on the cutting edge of music and Architects are hot off the release of their latest album Lost Forever // Lost Together, a record which puts them one step closer to topping their opus Hollow Crown. With both bands sharing a label in Epitaph Records, it would make sense that the two groups would be paired for a co-headlining trek, and they’ve sweetened the deal with support from up-and-comers Glass Cloud and I, The Mighty.

Check out photos from the tour’s stop in Lawrence, Kansas courtesy of photographer Randy Edwards after the jump.

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The Must-See Core Tour of 2014: Letlive, Architects, Glass Cloud

letlive architects tour

To be completely honest, I haven’t been all that excited over metalcore in years, but it’s hard to deny the strength of the long-rumored Letlive/Architects co-headlining trek featuring support from Glass Cloud and I The Mighty. I’m pretty stoked over that lineup, and Letlive are reasonably enthusiastic as well:

We’ve been a band for nearly a decade and this is our 2nd proper United States headliner. That being the case, it is a rather significant and pivotal endeavor at once. Now that you know that, you can safely assume how important this tour is to us as well as who we share it with.