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The Mars Volta Break Up; Sads Ensue

The Mars Volta

Today is a sad day indeed. The Mars Volta, creators of one of my all-time top ten albums, masterminds of avant-garde/prog rock/space rock/salsacore albums such as The Bedlam In Goliath and my favorite, Frances The Mute have broken up. Damn.

Frontman Cedric Bixlert Zavala announced the breakup via a series of tweets, including:

This sucks. I never had the chance to see them live, but I was hoping they would tour off their new album and that I could see them sometime. Now it looks like it’ll never happen. Such a shame that their relationship soured; they were a great musical pair, and made some of the most memorable rock I’ve ever heard. While their later albums may not have had the same intensity as their earlier records, they were definitely a band that did things differently and made it all work. So R.I.P. The Mars Volta. We’ll miss you.



Tesseract Reveals New Video For “Eden” 2.0, With Elliot Coleman On Vocals

Not content with just having the one of the best albums of the year in One, TesseracT got Ganesh Rao to direct one of the best videos of the year. Not only that, but the re-working of “Eden” is fantastic. While I miss the outro and wish they had kept the song’s length, it all sounds great, especially that new riff about halfway through. It’s not to all of our tastes here, but hell; it’s essentially a ‘radio edit’ for promotional purposes, so Chris can shut his gob.

The elephant in the room, Elliot Coleman, doesn’t disappoint either. He stays faithful to the source material, yet he adds his own touch. Excellent! Hopefully this will convert a few uneasy Dan Tompkins purists, and I know between this and that demo posted a few months ago I’m super excited to hear what TesseracT come up with next!

A few people, Chris included, have drawn comparisons between Elliot and The Mars Volta‘s idiosyncratic frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala, and this is only compounded by what we presume are the video’s antagonists; the men in suits with red cloth bags over their heads, which are reminiscent of the figures synonymous with their album Frances The Mute (and also the Silents in Doctor Who. Nerd swag). It looks great anyway; well worth the wait.

You can catch TesseracT on tour in North America now on Saints & Sinners supporting Between the Buried and Me and Animals as Leaders. It’s sure to be a great show! Check out the dates here!

– JR