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Textures Release Dualism On Vinyl


One of the best albums from last year, Dualism is what modern progressive metal should be — versatile, melodic, and heavy. Well, everyone, especially the vinyl junkies out there, today is the day. Now Textures are released their amazing album on vinyl, and in a red and blue vinyl edition to boot. Plus, each one is numbered. 250 red, 252 blue vinyl editions. AND THAT’S NOT ALL!

If you get it while it’s fresh you get a SIGNED POSTER. They actually have pictures on their facebook page of them signing the posters so you know it’s legit. The only problem is that it will run us North Americans over $50 USD after shipping. Bummer, but if you’re a mega fan then it’s worth it, right? So get them while they last, because if you enjoy collecting modern vinyl records, this would be a killer inclusion. You can purchase it at this location.


Farewell, 2011: Nayon’s Top 21 of 2011

Wow, this year was an amazing year for metal. There were many great technical and progressive albums, which is what I consider to be my ‘main’ genre. A lot of my favorite bands came out with excellent albums, and there were a few surprising newcomers. Some of these I’ve reviewed myself and given a great score, so it won’t be a surprise. Some of these I didn’t have the time to review, which was a shame. Anyway, without further ado, here is my list of top 20 of 2011:

Honorable mentions:

Tre Watson – Gravestones

The reason I’m not giving this an actual rating is because Tre is a close friend of mine, so I can’t be unbiased about this. It’s a really great EP, and especially the last track is a masterpiece. Definitely listen to this.

Substructure – Monolith

These guys just came out of nowhere. They do a great blend of Born of Osiris and The Contortionist, a.k.a progressive spacecore. The reason it’s not in my actual list is because it’s quite short and a bit derivative. It’s still a good listen though.

Empirine – The Great Excursion

These guys perform a technical/progressive death blend of Opeth, Obscura and Cynic. They’re pretty incredible, and we’ve covered them a few times, so you should definitely check them out.

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Each week while out on the Frak The Gods Tour in support of their fantastic new album Dualism, Textures are taking fan questions and answering them here on Heavy Blog! You only have ONE MORE WEEK to submit questions to them, so keep your questions coming! Here’s this week’s Q&A:


While on tour, good food can be hard to come by. What’s the best meal you’ve had on tour so far?

We are eating very healthy this tour actually! We heard a lot of stories that you can only find fast food stuff, but if you look a bit further you can find a lot of great restaurants; Italian, Sushi, Mexican food, and in a lot of stores you can find enough fresh ingredients to make your own salad meal. But next to making our own meals we eat at a restaurant sometimes, yesterday we found one next to the 101 near Gilroy, had some great pasta with fish and lasagna! BART, JOCHEM

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Textures – Dualism

Textures - Dualism



01. Arms Of the Sea
02. Black Horse Stampede
03. Reaching Home
04. Sanguine Draws The Oath
05. Consonant Hemispheres
06. Burning The Midnight Oil
07. Singularity
08. Minor Earth, Major Skies
09. Stoic Resignation
10. Foreclosure
11. Sketches From A Motionless Statue

[Nuclear Blast]

I’ve heard that Textures are a fairly big deal amongst the progressive metal community. A quick skim over their Wikipedia page tells me that Dualism is the fourth release in an eight-year career for the Dutch sextet, but only in the build up to Dualism‘s release have the dawning rays of enlightenment crested the mountains of ignorance and fallen on the sparse, dusty shelves of my knowledge. Call me unfit to edit a metal blog if you will, but being able to disregard the past endeavours of a band as well established as Textures is refreshing when reviewing a new release; no preconceptions, no expectations, and everything to prove from the get-go. As it should be.

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Get Yourself Some Textures Preview


Textures are coming out of nowhere to release one of the most anticipated albums of this year.  Odd, considering I didn’t even know they were recording until their album was done.  Anyway, I, along with many of you fine readers, eagerly await the albums release, and to help satiate your ravenous hunger, the band has provided a preview of the songs you will be hearing:

While I’m a huge fan, I wish the vocals weren’t so high in the mix.  I mean, dude is a fucking fantastic singer, but I’d like to hear more of the music.  Regardless, I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on it.

Dualism comes out on September 23 in Europe and September 27 in North America on Nuclear Blast, and you should be excited.

– GR