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The Human Abstract Back Up Their Split Denial With Video For ‘Complex Terms

Travis Leaves The Human Abstract

Right back at the beginning of this year, it seemed a sure fire thing that The Human Abstract, who put out on of our favourite releases of last year with Digital Veil, were finished, thanks to a flippant comment from bassist Henry Selva, which pointed the band not looking for a new vocalist to replace Travis Richter.

Horses were well and truly held last month though, when guitarist Dean Herrera said that what they were actually doing was taking their time, and Henry was apparently put in the naughty corner.

This has only been strengthened by the release of a live performance video for the track ‘Complex Terms‘, which is something you probably wouldn’t bother with if you were broken up, right?

The footage was recorded in Stuttgart, Germany on the band’s Never Say the N-Word Tour last year. I love the idea behind this song, which A.J. Minette explained around the time the album dropped:

“The word ‘progress’ is such a dismissive word in the worlds of art and music. It suggests that the art and music which came before is somehow less sophisticated.”

Words are interesting, but meaning is often bastardised over time.

– CG

2012 Already Sucks: R.I.P. The Human Abstract

Unrelated previously unreleased studio footage.

Talk about starting off the year on a very sad note. California progressive metalcore act The Human Abstract are on an indefinite hiatus. This is coming off a roller-coaster of 2011 for them, which saw their release of their third album Digital Veil—which I ranked as my number one album of the year and ended up on several of our lists—and their latest vocalist Travis Richter leaving the band. Bassist Henry Selva gave the news on his facebook when asked why he was selling equipment.

According to Under the Gun Review:

“Folks, we are not looking for a new vocalist. We are not touring anytime soon. I think it’s only fair you guys know that we’re on “break or hiatus if you will.” I don’t know why we haven’t said anything. I guess it’s because there is always that “maybe if something happens, etc..etc…” Or maybe it’s hard for us to realize the reality of our situation, the bands situation, to finally let go. I’ll be honest when I say the following: Periphery and Never Say Die were our last tours together as a band.

It was amazing experience while it lasted. Dean is going back to USC to further his education. AJ, as you know will always continue writing and teaching. Brett, I am sure has something up his sleeve.

Thank you to everyone who came out to show their love for the band and the music. I’m proud to say that I got to perform and record along side such amazing musicians.”

This is a total bummer. The Human Abstract were definitely one of my favorite bands, and I consider them to be right up there with the best bands to come out of the new millennium. Well, at least they chose to go out on a ridiculously high note with Digital Veil. Below, some choice songs from their discography. The Human Abstract; you will be missed.

– GR

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A.J Minette Lifts The Digital Veil

Which is a very round-about way of saying that, in an interesting interview with Alt Press, The Human Abstract guitarist and mastermind gives composition nerds everywhere huge boners by explaining the ideas behind each track on their recent album, the fantastic Digital Veil, both lyrically and musically – which is particularly awesome given his musical education.

I don’t want to step on Alt Press’s toes by copying and pasting the whole thing, but I will say that it mentions the Hirajoshi scale, discussion of a meter scheme of 7/8, 3/4, 7/8 and 6/8, and Fyodor Dostoevsky. No, me neither. What is clear is that these guys are intelligent motherfuckers, which is something we can heartily endorse.

I found the idea behind the song “Complex Terms” particularly interesting though –

“The word ‘progress’ is such a dismissive word in the worlds of art and music. It suggests that the art and music which came before is somehow less sophisticated.”

Makes you think about the language that we use. This is coming from the perspective of a Word Nerd, mind you, but language is fascinating. But I digress. Go on, go about your days. Just make sure you’re back in time for tea.

– CG

In Case You’re Wondering What Nathan Ells is Doing…

Nathan Ells, as most of you probably know, was the vocalist for The Human Abstract during the releasings of Nocturne and Midheaven.  Now that Travis Richter has taken vocal duties and released the mega-record Digital Veil, some have completely forgotten about Nathan – I know I did – but here he is:

Yep. He’s making acoustic songs, short movies, and trying to act.  As much as the acting is unconvincing, I really like the original music he made behind the movie, which can be heard here:

So yeah, just thought I give a quick update on one of metals past stars.

– GR

The Human Abstract and Trap Them Album Streams For Your Face

Just like a golden shower, which you love, don’t you, you dirty pervert?

First up is The Human Abstract’s Digital Veil, which is out today. This one I’ve heard, and it’s spectacular – crank it up and scare your gran. Gunnar reviewed it very favourably, and I couldn’t agree more with his assessment. Catch the stream on AOL.com!

I haven’t heard this one yet, but Dan’s working on a review of Trap Them‘s Darker Handcraft which we should have up fairly soon. Make up your own mind at NPR Music ahead of the release, which is next week.

– CG


The Human Abstract – Digital Veil

The Human Abstract

Digital Veil

01. Elegiac
02. Complex Terms
03. Digital Veil
04. Faust
05. Antebellum
06. Holographic Sight
07. Horizon to Zenith
08. Patterns

[E1 Music]

You’ve heard about this record for months.  They’ve teased you for so long.  Now you finally have it.  You crack on the record and are greeted by the beautiful acoustic intro.  But wait.  This isn’t your average acoustic intro.  A hint of classically-inspired music is painted upon it.  Then you realize:

AJ Minette is back in The Human Abstract.

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Yet Another Digital Veil Teaser

There are only a few weeks remaining until Prog-Metal March is upon us, and The Human Abstract are helping to get us prepped with yet another teaser video for Digital Veil:

At first while watching the video we just hear part of Faust, but after a bit we are treated to a couple other audio clips that are new and quite tasty. The last one is especially scrumptious, I wonder what song it’s taken from? Digital Veil drops on Prog-Metal March 8th, via eOne.


The Human Abstract Unveil ‘Faust’

Hot on the heels of the recent sampler track that they uploaded, The Human Abstract have posted a video on youtube featuring the song “Faust”, the first single from their upcoming album Digital Veil. Check it out:

It’s a great return to form for them, and the vocal performance by Travis Richter is superb. This song is in the same classical-tinged vein as the material from their debut Nocturne, but the quality is really a step up. Keep an eye on this band, and lets hope that the rest of the album is on par with this single!


The Human Abstract Post Sampler From Digital Veil

The Human Abstract‘s upcoming album Digital Veil is currently one of my most anticipated releases, and the band have just uploaded a sampler song/video featuring the band playing a good deal of new material.

As far as I know, this is the first opportunity we’ve had to hear vocals from Travis Richter. Although I wasn’t sure what to expect from him, the stuff sounds pretty good and this sampler puts my fears to rest about the vocal aspect of the new album. Check it out and get excited!

As of now we still only know that Digital Veil will be released sometime in 2011.


The Human Abstract Reveal Sample From Upcoming Album

The Human Abstract have recently updated their website which now features a youtube clip showcasing some of the material from their upcoming third LP which is apparently going to be titled Digital Veil. Watch the clip below:

I was hoping to be able to hear some of the new vocals from ex-First To Last guitarist Travis Richter, but sadly vocals are absent in this video. The music however is sounding awesome (even though once the full band comes in it almost feels like they are ripping off the beginning of BTBAM‘s Swim To The Moon) and it gets me excited to hear more in the future. With guitarist/writer A.J. Minette back in the band, this album looks like it will have more in common with Nocturne than with Midheaven, which is a good thing in my book. Thankfully, 2011 isn’t very far away.