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Cult of Luna – Vertikal

Cult of Luna - VertikalCult of Luna


01. The one
02. I: The Weapon
03. Vicarious Redemption
04. The Sweep
05. Synchronicity
06. Mute Departure
07. Disharmonia
08. In Awe Of
09. Passing Through

[Density Records]

Cult Of Luna is one of those bands that have a huge cult following when it comes to sludge and post-metal. Few bands can proudly call themselves art-metallers and not be mistaken. With such great albums as Salvation (2004), Somewhere Along The Highway (2006) and Eternal Kingdom (2008) they have truly put their name as one of the leading forces in post-metal/sludge. With Vertikal, Cult Of Luna rightfully pays homage to Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” (1927), a science-fiction silent film that was considered to be ahead of its time and was for many years. A movie that artistically inspired many others like “Dark City”, “Blade Runner” and to some extent even the award winning videogame “Bioshock”. It is truly a work of art that has withstood the test of time. So how does Cult of Luna’s aural representation of this classic stand up?

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Encrust Go Political With ‘Engine Of Deceit’ Lyric Video

Encrust are one of the bands whose debut album is too under the radar for its own good. They are such a great band that whenever I hear someone say “Who?” when I bring them up in conversation my jaw drops. If you are any self-respecting metal fan you will go out and listen to them.

The 2012 election is coming up, and while your choices are limited to two average candidates (sorry, guys, suck it up; it’s true and you know it), Encrust are making it known how they really feel about it. Their new lyrics video for ‘Engine Of Deceit‘ is christened with a presidential backdrop that would make even the most open-hearted Liberal squirm whilst reading the lyrics. I personally love it; bands that take a stand against what they think is wrong get bonus points in my book.

Encrust’s new album From Birth To Soil is out now on Density Records.



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