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Download The New FREE EP From Revocation, Teratogenesis

Teratogenesis is finally here and available for free download from those top gents at Scion AV. Although it was put late last night and many other places have already reported it, it would be a crime to ignore a new release from one of the metal scene’s most exciting bands. Teratogenesis finds the band aiming in a little more of a traditional thrash direction, with less of the reckless experimentation found on Chaos Of Forms and instead making a collection of more focused and cohesive songs. You have absolutely no excuse not to check this band out if you haven’t already, since they’re essentially serving it up to you on a silver platter.

Seriously. Go. I don’t even know why you’re still reading. Just go and get a copy.

– DL

Revocation Debut Video For “No Funeral


Revocation are inheritors of thrash. With little to no hope left for the genre, Revocation have risen and opened new doors, instilling hope that there is still a lot you can do with thrash. We enjoyed their latest release Chaos Of Forms, and after watching the new video for the track “No Funeral”, we can enjoy the new guitarist as well!

Dan Gargiulo looks as if he were part of Revocation from the beginning. The video is as equally appealing as last years “Dismantle the Dictator“which was fast and dynamic. Scion A/V presents the band in an equally dynamic fashion. It’s nothing fancy but I was having to much fun to care. Enjoy!

Revocation – No Funeral (Scion AV) from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

– CD

Revocation – Chaos Of Forms


Chaos Of Forms

01. Cretin
02. Cradle Robber
03. Harlot
04. Dissolution Ritual
05. Conjuring The Cataclysm
06. No Funeral
07. Fractal Entity
08. Chaos Of Forms
09. The Watchers
10. Beloved Horrifier
11. Dethroned
12. Reprogrammed


The neo-thrash/nu-thrash movement fell down for me in one big way. It wasn’t a movement that was trying to break any new ground but instead was one that insisted on recreating a sound. Very few bands seemed interested in anything more than taking a few Exodus and Testament riffs and stretching them out over a whole album, and that’s fine for some and I certainly enjoyed quite a few bands who did just that – but bands with real substance were few and far between.

Revocation were and indeed still are a breath of fresh air to the exhumed corpse of retro-thrash. Maybe it’s the unbelievable guitar wizardry of David Davidson, the complex song structures or even the drum acrobatics of Phil Dubois-Coyne, but whatever it is, it makes Revocation stand out like no other band. However, part of the appeal for their second record Existence Is Futile was that it came completely out of nowhere after their distinctly average debut, so this time Revocation can be judged only on their merits as musicians.

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Revocation Post Studio Update Video For Chaos Of Forms

Revocation‘s forthcoming album Chaos Of Forms is sounding absolutely spectacular – I mean check out that riffs at 2:55 and 1:35! Dave Mustaine would believe in any religion that gave him the ability to continue writing huge rapid fire riffs like that. Also, I wasn’t aware that the album artwork had been released but it looks very old-school legit, much like the previous album. Reminds me of the early Testament artwork which was consistently amazing.

You only have to wait till the 16th of August for Relapse to release Chaos Of Forms, but until then, you could try making your own fap-gallery to play bass in front of – as shown above.

– DL