Woods of Ypres

Woods 5: Grey Skies and Electric Light

01. Career Suicide (Is Not Real Suicide)
02. Traveling Alone
03. Alternate Ending
04. Lightening & Snow
05. Finality
06. Death Is Not An Exit
07. Adora Vivos
08. Silver
09. Modern Life Architecture
10. Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye) (pt 1)
11. Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye) (pt 2)

[Earache Records]

Groundhog Day was last week, and in my neck of the woods the little bugger apparently saw his shadow, which either means I’m going to be stuck in a hell world where nothing but Bill Murray is playing on the TV, or we’ll have six more weeks of winter. I don’t really mind either of those things, though because Billy Murray is hilarious, and winter almost always brings forth excellent metal albums, usually of the slow and melancholic nature. The aptly titled Woods 5, coming from the short lived Canadian doom band, Woods of Ypres, is just that sort of album. It relies heavily on powerful guitar leads, pain-filled vocals and songs focused around the existential topics that make up our life; death, the afterlife, god, et cetera, et cetera. In this genre it’s something you’ll hear a thousand million times, but some bands know how to pull it off, and some bands don’t. Woods of Ypres are one of the lucky groups who definitely know how to pull it off, and with Woods 5 they have crafted an excellent swansong for the dearly departed singer/songwriter/guitarist David Gold who passed away late last year, shortly after finishing the recording of this album.

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