99 – Sacred Son ft. Dane Cross

So, we mentioned the Sacred Son artwork controversy before. The chill artwork for the very real black metal album drew some ire, so we got the man behind the curtain to join us and tell it all. And it was a good time! We talk about the artwork (of course), but also the project itself, Dane’s views on the black metal scene and more. Eden and I then discuss new material from Augury, First Fragment, Cavalera Conspiracy (check out my retrospective), Leander Kills and The Kindred. We also discuss Metalsucks’s legal assessment of the Decapitated case, Marilyn Manson’s onstage accident, and Between the Buried and Me reacquiring the rights to their older material. Then we have a cool people section about some stuff, including the Netflix documentary Long Shot, Total War: Warhammer II, Annihilation (the movie), Blade Runner 2049 and the upcoming Dune movie.


Fellow tech death enthusiast Ahmed joins me this week and we geek out about tech death for over an hour! Since Eden isn’t cool like us, we don’t get a chance to do this while he’s around, so we really went deep with this opportunity! We discuss some news first, like new music/content from Opeth, Meshuggah, Ion Dissonance, Anaal Nathrakh, Astral Path, VOLA, and an interesting Patreon by The Reign of Kindo. Then we go into tech death, how it has evolved historically and geographically; what its watershed moments were, and we discuss some of the most important and influential albums in the genre. Enjoy!

Great New Metal Artist Profile: Dawn of Dementia

You watch three clean-cut young men in hoodies and sneakers walk in to a basement, settle onto stools, bring their instruments around their shoulders, and seconds later you’re flying on a magic carpet of shred. That’s how I first encountered Derick Harshbarger, Brandon Clevenger, and Joel Schwallier, the two guitarists…

Beyond Creation – The Aura

Beyond Creation The Aura 01. No Request For The Corrupted 02. Coexistence 03. Chromatic Horizon 04. Omnipresent Perception 05. Injustice Revealed 06. Le Detenteur 07. The Aura 08. Social Disability 09. Elevation Path 10. The Deported [04/12/11] [PRC Music] I’m about to admit something that most of you already know,…