Pin-Up Went Down


1. Diapositive
2. Escargot
3. Porcelain Hours
4. Essence of I
5. Khabod of my Aba
6. Home
7. Vaginaal Nathrakh
8. Pictures to Speak To
9. Murphy in the Sky with Daemons
10. Paradoxical Sarabanda
11. Aquarium

It’s gotten to the point where it’s hard for me to come across music that’s weird enough to boggle my mind, but if anyone can do it, surely it’s the French. Avant-garde metal band Pin-Up Went Down are sure to keep you weirded out and fully entertained on their sophomore album, 342.

If you don’t know about Pin-Up Went Down, now is the time to look into them. The lineup consists of a trio of musicians, including multi-instrumentalist Alexis Damien, his brother Nicolas Damien handling piano and keyboard duties, and vocalist Asphodel, who has to be the most talented and versatile singer I’ve heard since Mike Patton. The band combines a gothic-tinged style of progressive metal with jazz, funk, and classical music to create this bizarre experimentation.

This album was certainly hard to wrap my head around, because the band takes songs into often unexpected places. Instead of going into the much hinted at and dabbled in all-out inaccessibility that this genre is known for, Pin-Up Went Down can turn what could be an otherwise unstable song into something of remarkable beauty, as is the case in “Essence of I” and “Murphy in the Sky With Daemons.” To really get a grasp on this album’s eccentricity, the music on this album ranges from something out of a Tim Burton movie, to death metal and j-pop. How they manage to turn experimental clusterfucks into something that’s even remotely catchy and memorable is something that is deserving of praise.

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