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The Big Four Of Metalcore?!

big four metalcore

I’ve learned forever ago that you should never ever take anything written by Metalsucks/Stuff You Will Hate contributor Sargent D at face value, but his recent posting “Who are TEH BIG FOUR OF METALCORE??” has evidently stirred some serious discussion regarding which bands will take the informal crowning as The Big Four of Metalcore.

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blood music mystery

So, here’s an interesting scenario. Blood Music are a Helsinki based group of metalheads “dedicated to the anthropological and cultural preservation of extreme metal music”, mostly through the reissuing of metal classics in vinyl form — they’ve done some brilliant work as well, working with some big metal names including Ihsahn and Sigh and even putting together a stunning seven LP package spanning the Strapping Young Lad back catalogue.

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Nergal - Behemoth

Coming in hot off a triumphant battle with Leukemia and having a hit on his hands with the acclaimed new album The Satanist, Behemoth frontman Adam Nergal Darski must be feeling more invincible than ever before. The outspoken musician has made plenty of controversial statements in the past, but of course he’s bound to say something that will ruffle someone’s feathers sooner rather than later. We’re not even a week past The Satanist‘s release date and we already have a polarizing statement out of Nergal as he shares his distaste for the United States death metal scene.

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We showed you ours, now we want to see yours.

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Yesterday I mentioned that the new Celeste album Animale(s) was on my list of albums I missed from 2013 that I needed to catch up on. Time is scarce these days; this year, I graduated with my bachelors degrees in Psychology & Social Work, and in turn, started my first job out of university. Suddenly working a 40-hour a week job really put a dent in my listening habits, so there’s a bunch that I missed. I assume many of you have the same problem between work, relationships, and possibly children, so today I thought I’d reach out to you folks and get a glimpse of things that you missed but are curious about as well as share feedback and recommendations.

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state of metal

Recently, Team Rock Radio, a UK based digital radio station that is actually surprisingly good, talked to Trivium guitarist Matt Heafy to get his thoughts on the current state of metal — definitely a question that doesn’t really a non-controversial answer. While plenty of Heavy Blog are fans of the band, I’ve never quite managed to get into them, but I can respect what they do and Heafy is definitely in a unique position to give his view on the subject. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still around in ten to fifteen years, but this time headlining the Wacken’s and the Download’s of the world.


Regardless, hear out what he had to say below:

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This year, we’ve been busy trying to come up with an idea for Heavy Blog merch. At the end of the day, we wanted to sell high quality shirts with professionally done designs that will fit in comfortably with the other music-related merch in your wardrobe  That’s not too much to ask for, right? We didn’t think so, anyway. Now, our end result is in sight.

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As most of you may know, this past Saturday was Record Store Day, an industry holiday created to boost sales for independent record stores by releasing limited exclusive records to physical shops across the world. I took part in Record Store Day, and here’s what I was able to come up with.

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Grisly Amputation

Grisly Amputation must be a fairly hyped-about band judging by how often I’ve seen the pastel-colored artwork for their new album Cannibalistic Tendencies across different sites and social networks. I’ve slept on the band for some time because the artwork and name brought to mind that weird deathcore/goregrind scene on MySpace bands from 2006 or so. That whole bright and colorful aesthetic seemingly ironically juxtaposed against gore and brutality just sort of raises red flags for me.

But hey, apparently it gets the job done. I finally caved after I had decided that I’ve seen the album art one too many times, and as it turns out the band are pretty much your archetypal brutal gore-obsessed deathgrind band. The music is created in good fun and all, but every track from Cannibalistic Tendencies starts out with a sample from some cheesy horror film — a few of them being overly long — before ripping into some decent deathgrind plagued by hit-or-miss vocals and terrible production. Perhaps it’s just not my genre and it’s a niche formula that I don’t quite get. I want to enjoy them, and I think I’m right on the cusp of seeing Cannibalistic Tendencies grow on me.

The album is available on the band’s Bandcamp page. Go give it a listen and get back to me with your thoughts. We’ve told you enough times what we think, so return the favor!

- JR

I was talking to a fellow contributor and we were talking about the relationship we have with our audience and that got me thinking about you guys! So let this be grounds for introduction! Tell us about yourself and if you come here daily/often! What are your favourite bands and who is your favourite contributor? Any particular posts or features you like?

Also, I want this to be a formal introduction to some of our contributors that have joined our ranks in the past couple of months. So in an effort to give us all more in common, we participated in picking 50 albums that we would take to the grave with us.  So check them out! Also feel free to make one for yourself and post them in the comments!

Remember, this post is about you and we want as much input as we can get! So if you’ve been visiting for years in silence, or just stop by once in a while, now is your chance to come out of the shadows and learn about us!

Alkahest – JR
Juular – EC
Nayon – NT
DamienTheOmen – DL
Tentaclesworth – CD
DeusExMachina – GR
Inhumed – SS
Denisovich – GS
Riptide – DA
Red Bruschetta – GK
Momento Mori – CK
Dia Artio – SM
Dethcaek – MW
Alucard – AD
Dr. Killjoy – AJ
Gaia – ST
Deadite – RB
Gein – MK
False_Nate – NS

– CD

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