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Norwegian progressive black metal wizards Enslaved are about to release their thirteenth album. Let that sink for a second. How many bands get to twelve albums, and how many of them have their best albums be their most recent ones? 2012’s RIITIIR was an instant classic, and the follow-up In Times sounds like it’s going to be just as impressive. Check the teaser out after the jump.

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Time flies. It was just over a year ago that I last got to talk about Murdock, one of my favourite upstart bands around and peddlers of a frantic mix of stop-start riffs and on-a-dime time changes (wonderfully described as ‘spazz-mongers’ in the press release), and oddly enough it was to tell let you guys know that the band had found a home at Destroy Everything, a newly founded sister label of Basick Records. Well, time passed and apparently circumstances changed as the label has just announced the band now find themselves nestled alongside the main body of the Basick Records family for the release of their debut album Dead Lung.

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Early last year an album which we had been waiting a long time for was released. It was none other than Alaya‘s Thrones, a brilliant iteration of modern metal touched with exceptional vocals. It seems as if, once getting into gear with their previous release, the band are on a roll, as they have just announced new music for 2015.

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Amia Venera Landscape Vision_I_The_Great_Mystery

The title is in reference to not only our lateness with this bit of news, but to the five year gap since the group’s celebrated debut The Long Procession, which effectively blended post-metal and mathcore. We’ve been aching for a follow-up almost immediately, but years flew by with basically nothing. Finally, last year, the band broke their silence and announced that they would be releasing not just one, but four new albums over the next few years.

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Primitive Man home

If 2015 didn’t quite get off to the start you were hoping for, Colorado’s own Primitive Man have announced the release of a brand new four track EP, Home Is Where The Hatred Is. Fans of the band should be salivating at the prospect of what will be a perfect post Christmas stocking filler. Get more information and the first taste of new music from this release after the jump. View Full Article »


Thanks to the ever attentive Earsplit PR we present you with a brand new track from Poland’s Deivos. The death metal outfit will be releasing their new album Theodicy through Selfmadegod Records next month, but until then, feast your eyes on the latest track to see the light of 2015. ‘El Shaddai’ is streaming after the jump and you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not checking it out.

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Corelia Debut Album

Corelia have been teasing us quite a bit through their social media accounts about their debut record, but we are teased no longer! We finally have confirmation that their debut record will be releasing this year with the help of YOU, the listener. The band announced their debut album will be a double-disc, 90 minute long journey funded through an Indiegogo campaign. You can check out the video they released with the announcement as well as the campaign itself after the jump.

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Melding an otherworldy blend of shoegaze, industrial, and black metal like no other band before them, Texas’ Pyramids croon through hazy dysphoric drones and Ambien-laced soundscapes that sound as if Altar of Plagues and Anathema collided in celebration of melancholia. I could pick more flowery language out of a thesaurus all day, but the fact of the matter is that Pyramids are a band you need to be hearing like five years ago.

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Avant garde black metal act Dodheimsgard (also known as DHG) are set to make a comeback after nearly eight years since the release of their last effort, 2007’s acclaimed Supervillain Outcast. The band’s legacy speaks for itself and sets up quite the expectations, and with the brilliance of the album art (above), it’s easy to get excited.

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Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg. Famed drummer Gavin Harrison, best known for his work with Steven Wilson on numerous Porcupine Tree records, today announced that he will be releasing a new album this April via Kscope that will feature “brilliant and surprising new arrangements of many of his favourite Porcupine Tree songs.”

The hype is real for Cheating the Polygraph.

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