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the algorithm

So apparently that attempted Kickstarter campaign to get the in-development indie PC game Pirates vs Privateers lead to nowhere despite the involvement from the increasingly popular The Algorithm, so the sophomore album from the French metal-influenced electronic act Octopus4 will no longer be exclusive to the campaign. In fact, a new single from the album, ‘synthesiz3r‘ has just been made available and you can stream it below.

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isis panopticon

A few months ago, Isis announced that the next remaster from their back catalog would be the critically acclaimed Panopticon. Hailed as one of the best post metal records and an important work in the formation of the genre, Panopticon exhibits at their most secure and solidified. To be sure, excitement followed on the heels of the announcement with a rather long wait ahead.

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arjen anneke

Arjen Anthony Lucassen, best known for his project Ayreon, is a name that can bring a smile to many a face. The man is an exquisite producer, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He has the ability to truly lead an artist to transcend his limitations. His modern classic, The Human Equation, turns ten this year and is still one of the finest creations of modern progressive metal.

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suicide silence 2013

The past two years for Suicide Silence have been undeniably tough. After losing frontman and founding member Mitch Lucker to a fatal motorcycle accident, it’s easy to assume the group was on the brink of disbandment. However, the group’s strength and resilience has shown, picking up good friend All Shall Perish vocalist Eddie Hermida to carry on the legacy in Mitch’s memory.

It’s no secret that the group have been hard at work on a new album, but now some substantial movement is starting to take place as the group announces that the next record will be aptly titled You Can’t Stop Me, due for release July 15th through Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

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tombs savage gold

At long last, new Tombs! The New York-based experimental black metal group reached widespread critical acclaim for their 2011 record Path of Totality, and the three years since then has felt long and empty. The gap is now being closed as the band readies the release of their new record Savage Gold, out June 10th through Relapse Records. The first single from the album ‘Edge of Darkness’ has been made available for streaming along with accompanying video detailing the extraordinary physical copies, and you can check it out below.

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wovenhand - refractory obdurate

Wovenhand sure ain’t metal, but if you’re into expanding your musical palate for the day, then look no further. The dark folk turned post-punk act (at least for the time being) will be releasing their new album Refractory Obdurate on April 25th through Converge frontman Jacob Bannon’s Deathwish Inc, but you can stream this haunting record right now in its entirety now via Pitchfork.

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septicflesh fleshgod teaser

Fans of symphonic metal will be pleased to know that Septicflesh and Fleshgod Apocalypse have just announced that they will embark on the Conquerors of the World Festival Tour, a co-headliner tour in North America at the end of June.  Joining SepticFleshgod Apocalypse on the road will be Italian brutal death metallers, Hour of Penance, and Canadian black metal act, Necronomicon.

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Purveyors of extremely limited but high quality LP pressings Blood Music are dropping two pre-orders this morning, both of equal importance. Cheesy 80′s retrofuturistic electronic project Perturbator and progressive death metal act Serdce are original Blood Music signings, unlike much of the label’s past high-profile releases. Let’s make this quick.

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volumes no sleep

Volumes are nearing the release of their sophomore full-length record, which is seemingly overdue — outside of a new single last year, we haven’t heard music from the group since 2011 — and have shared a teaser video showcasing samples of new material. The album, titled No Sleep,  will evidently take Volumes in a markedly different direction. The teaser focuses heavily on clean vocals and bright melodies, which is something that Volumes have only started hinting at on their debut, Via. Check out the video below to hear for yourself.

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machine head killers and kings

If you were able to partake in Record Store Day, then perhaps you were able to pick up the new Machine Head 7″ Killers and Kings, which featured a demo of a new song with the same name, as well as a cover of an Ignite song. If you weren’t able to make it to your local record store, however, and were really dying to hear the new jam, fret not! You can stream the song for your listening pleasure after the jump.

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