Just Give Up On Everything And Listen To Vermin Womb

Stop sharing those try hard Nihilism memes (guilty) and pay attention. The twenty minutes of music available from Vermin Womb is hot to trot and ready to fuck your soul back into the ether. Grinding and bellowing out of Denver (the US capital of grind?), Primitive Man’s Ethan McCarthy spearheads another trio of life plunderers. Unlike the Man, Vermin Womb don’t do slow. Nah. They do full tilt, blasting death and grind. The sort of music that even your closest metal friends will still refer to as “just noise”. Fuck those friends. They don’t know a thing.

Monte Pittman’s New Album, Inverted Grasp Of Balance, Due Out September 23rd—Jam “Pride Comes Before The Fall” Now

Very PR post right here, but with good reason—Monte Pittman is a pretty sick guy (shouldn’t we get him to a hospital?). You may know him as the guitarist for the mighty Madonna, as well as a stint with legendary thrash outfit Prong. Yes, that Madonna The guitaring, singing, songwriting…

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Rainfalls Streaming “This Is A Revolution”

It’s time again for more exclusive content courtesy of your favourite meme Heavy Blog Is Heavy. Glasgow’s Rainfalls play a game of aggressive and progressive hardcore and, in this game, they are Charlie Sheen levels of winning. We’ve featured them before with their fantastic Four Seasons EP but this new…

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Here We Are, Chuggernaut! “This Fire” For Your Listening Pleasure!

Eight-string guitars, am I right? They’re lit, fam. You know what else is lit? This exclusive premiere from Boston-based Chuggernaut! They’re not going to come to your house and drink your 12-pack in a single sitting, but they are going to fill your ears with some borderline Southern stoner djent!…

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Stream Sioum’s “Unknown” From Their Upcoming Album, Yet Further (Also, Donate To Their Kickstarter)

If you’re into post-rock at all (and who wouldn’t be? Post-rock is great), Sioum is a band you need to be listening to. I first discovered Sioum (after missing them like three or four times) when they opened for The Proggest August tour [PHOTOS] at the tail end of last…

Binary Code Break Their Silence With New Single “Immersion”

It’s been a long, hard road for New Jersey progressive death metal group Binary Code. They released their first LP, Suspension of Disbelief, back in 2009 to warm reception and built on that momentum almost immediately with their 2010 Priest EP. Every indication seemed to be that they would follow that up with a sophomore LP a few years later. For a variety of reasons though things did not work out according to plan. I actually sat down with Binary Code guitarist and founder Jesse Zuretti recently to talk extensively about the obstacles and challenges the band have faced during that time, which will be coming out in the form of a neat little interview video sometime soon. In the meantime though, the band have gone ahead and finally announced their long-awaited second album, Moonsblood, and with it first single “Immersion.”

Painted In Exile Launch Indiegogo For First Full-Length Album + Talk To A Sense Of Gravity At NAMM 2016

Long Island progressive metal band Painted In Exile have not exactly had an easy go of it since releasing their initial EP back in 2009. Beseeched with a myriad of personal issues and lineup changes, the band have been seemingly in a state of absolute stasis for the past 6 years and change. Though never broken up or officially on hiatus, they played no shows for nearly 5 years until their official “reunion” show last month. And now after what must have felt like an absolute eternity for the band and longtime fans, Painted In Exile have officially announced their first full-length album in the form of an Indiegogo campaign.

Guest Post: A Sense of Gravity Wrap-Up Their NAMM Experience and Discuss Album #2

We’ve had the absolute pleasure of presenting videos over the past few days that were shot and made possible by one of the blog’s favorite up-and-coming prog metal bands, A Sense of Gravity. For our official NAMM video wrap-up though, we decided that it’d be nice to let the band speak in their own words about the experience and what’s coming up on the horizon for them. So here’s C.J. Jenkins (vocals) to tell you all about it!

ALIASES’ Derangeable Is Coming On April 15th (And So Am I)

Finally. Finally. ALIASES, the frontrunners for the UK’s progressive tech metal scene, are ready to release their sophomore album on April 15th, 2016 via Basick Records.

Derangeable clocks in at 47 ferocious minutes of weedlies and squeedlies, rife with tight rhythm sections, and a delectable combination of vocals, both harsh and clean. The album is sure to attract a lot of interest and attention from fans of the band or those looking for a tasty medley of musical engagements.