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Exclusive Premiere: Listen To Windfaerer’s “Finisterra” Before The World Ends!


Here at Heavy Blog, we try to bring a highly varied set of content to our readers on a daily basis. One thing we really pride ourselves on is how diverse the tastes of both our staff and constituents are, both on the metal spectrum and outside of it. Because of this, there’s nothing we love more than the opportunity to present something new and fresh to you, and that’s exactly what we have here today: an exclusive track from blackened doom band Windfaerer, to tickle your fancies with their energetic and melodic brand of mayhem.

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Deafheaven Announce Upcoming 3rd LP Set To Be Released In October


Following the release of the 2013 sophomore album Sunbather, California black metal/shoegaze/”blackaze” outfit Deafheaven have locked themselves away in the studio since the end of 2014 (with the exception of playing a few shows and festivals here and there), but yesterday, July 27th, the band uploaded a minute long teaser of the new album, which is (supposedly) titled New Bermuda and will be released in October through Anti- Records. Now, the reason the word “supposedly” is in parentheses when the name of the album was mentioned is because we are not sure if that is the name of the new album, but in the trailer you do see the words “New Bermuda” flash rapidly for a second at the end of the trailer. Whether that is the name of the album or a single they will be releasing is currently unknown, but let’s just wait and see. Head on over the jump for the trailer itself!

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Check Your “Receipt” For A New Black Dahlia Murder Track


This post would have gone up yesterday had I not been writhing in fits of toe curling ecstasy, eyes rolling back in my head as I reached sweet, melodic death metal completion. Kleenex’d and straight faced, I can now present to you, my lovely Heavy darlings, the latest track released from the seventh record from The Black Dahlia Murder. “Receipt” is streaming at Revolver but if you pop over the jump, you’ll find what this Dahlia die-hard has to contribute to the discussion.

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Hey! Listen To A Trust Unclean


It’s your boy Matty here with some fresh as fuck, grooving new deathcore that doesn’t suck. Stop. Don’t breeze over this because of the dreaded “core” suffix, I can 100% vouch for A Trust Unclean and their sweeping, grooving jams; the type that Whitechapel used to dish out and should probably get back to soon. It’s no secret that a lot of deathcore style bands have been slowing things down to a snails pace (Black Tongue), either that or they are heading down a more symphonic route (Nexilva). While I have no beef with either of these trends, I have been itching for a deathcore band that deal primarily in technical passages and unruly grooves. Well, consider my itch scratched.

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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Kronos’ Epic and Crushing New Album Arisen New Era in its Entirety


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published yesterday but had to be removed due to copyright issues with the stream on Soundcloud.

Criminally underrated French brutal death metal quartet Kronos has been churning out high-quality, flesh-searing jams since 1994, yet for whatever reason, they aren’t a very well known name in the death metal underground. The gods themselves are displeased at this, because these guys are the real deal when it comes to brutal death metal. Displaying a technical prowess and penchant for immaculately crafted riffs that rival some of the biggest players in the scene, Kronos stand out a bit more thanks to a rich obsession with Greek mythology, a theme which permeates every part of their music, from the battle-rallying lyrics to the blood-spilling riffs. They’ve armed themselves appropriately over their 20 year career as a band, with three full-length albums already in their scabbard, and Heavy Blog is beyond delighted to premiere Kronos’ first album in eight years, Arisen New Era, in its entirety.

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Riverside Drop Trailer For Love, Fear and the Time Machine; Announce North American Tour As Well


Polish prog babes Riverside are preparing to drop their brand new album Love, Fear and the Time Machine later this year. We’ve previously covered the band with a review of their last album, Shrine of New Generation Slaves, and they dropped a new single last week, but here’s a brand new teaser for their upcoming record!

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Check Into The Studio With Cattle Decapitation Recording The Anthropocene Extinction

Cattle Decaptitation - The Anthropocene Extinction

We’ve already heard the opening track to the new Cattle Decapitation record, The Anthropocene Extinction, and it rocks. Nah, “Manufactured Extinct” doesn’t rock. It fucking rips. If , by some feat of you being a moron, that doesn’t quite get the juices flowing for you then maybe this will. Noisey got the jump on an extensive look in the studio where Cattle recorded their upcoming Metal Blade album of the year candidate. Get some insider info into how this record took shape and what we should expect from the follow up to 2012’s opus Monolith Of Inhumanity.

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Pig Destroyer Announce Prowler In The Yard Deluxe Reissue

pig destroyer prowler in the yard

AT LONG LAST. It’s been in the works for years — at least spotted as an ad in Decibel Magazine in 2013 — and it’s finally here in time for Relapse Records’ 25th anniversary; Virginia-based grindcore giants Pig Destroyer are reissuing their seminal debut Prowler in the Yard, completely re-mixed and mastered by guitarist Scott Hull. The deluxe 2CD / vinyl release will bring the 14 year old record to a modern audience with an aesthetic facelift and will feature a never-before heard track from the album sessions that didn’t make it to the original cut.

Skeptical of new production? Get a glimpse of the remixed “Scatology Homework” below to see how Prowler In The Yard holds up.

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Panopticon Tease More Appalachian Folk For Autumn Eternal

panopticon autumn eternal

It’s been said here before, but Panopticon are one of the most important acts in the current black metal scene. Kentucky native Austin Lunn’s one-man project has become a critical sensation for making artistic advances in the genre by spinning black metal’s long-standing affair with pagan folk music on its head and utilizing bluegrass and Americana. 2012’s Kentucky in particular was a highly regarded breakout record that has since attained its status as a classic and a masterpiece.

The sonic palette of Panopticon has only broadened since then — it’s not unusual for Lunn to dive into post-rock instrumental passages, crust punk rhythms, and melodic death metal riffing — but the spark that makes Panopticon such a unique voice in metal has remained, and appears to remain so for the act’s newly announced sixth full-length Autumn Eternal.

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