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perturbator dangerous days

As you may have noticed, at the behest of our wallets, we’ve been highly saturated by news regarding Finnish record label Blood Music. Yesterday, two fifths of our schedule had something to do with the label, and that’s no simple coincidence. Blood Music have been picking up a ton of steam lately, with each year seeing more music releases from the label than the last.

Formerly, the label’s bread and butter came almost exclusively in the form of extremely limited one-time-only represses of “classic” records licensed from outside sources, but now Blood Music is shaping up its own roster of original artists to capitalize on their now dedicated fanbase. Perfect for business — “if you like these high profile releases from artists A and B, we’re also selling a record from new artist C that you may be interested in.”

Ah, the ol’ Blood Music switcheroo; I come for the progressive black and death metal, I stay for the cheesy 80′s-inspired retrofuturistic electronic music. Wait, what?

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Italian alt-metal band KLOGR (pronounced Kay-log-are, if you can believe it) are likely a band you’re not too familiar with, so allow us to introduce you. With a hard rock musical style that can fit in with groups like Lacuna Coil and Karnivool alike with the globally conscious subject matter made savvy by Gojira, the group are set to release their new album Black Snow on April 29th. We’ve got a sneak peak of the record with a new track titled ‘Guilty and Proud,’ which you can stream below.

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SERDCE - Timeless

Blood Music sure has been making headlines in the last week or so. With the reveal that their Mystery Release is none other than Cloudkicker, the label has already set records for being the first label to press a Creative Commons work without seeking the artist’s permission. Now, Blood Music are here to prove that they are not all about controversy: SERDCE from Belarus, signed under the label, are just the ticket to do so. The band is currently streaming two new tracks over at our friends No Clean Singing. Go check it out!

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bloodshot dawn album 2 kickstarter

I hadn’t heard of Bloodshot Dawn until just a few weeks ago, which was a grave, grave mistake. I am now obsessed with these guys and their amazing take on melodic death/ thrash metal. Our very own Noyan gave their debut album a perfect score, and even went as far as saying, “If anyone can bring melodeath back, these guys have a good chance of doing so. In essence, Bloodshot Dawn are the heroes that Gothenburg needs.” I couldn’t agree more with Noyan’s sentiments, and the band has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the recording of their highly anticipated follow-up album.

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Either by some sort of mistake or act of ballsiness, someone at 98.9 The Rock has leaked a track off of the hotly anticipated new Mastodon album Once More Round the Sun. The song is called ‘High Road,’ and after only one listen I’m already digging it more than the bulk of tracks off of The Hunter. Comments from the band about returning to a “vintage” Mastodon sound are ringing true here. Listen to it right now below before it inevitably gets yanked. There is autoplay, so be warned.
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the hell

In the past year or two, British hardcore enigmas The Hell have captured our hearts and minds with their completely over-the-top spirit — an ignorant tough-guy hardcore outfit with a Colbert Report tongue in cheek spin. I mean, that’s always been my assumption; taking a look through their hilarious Facebook page and the fact that they have anywhere between four to twelve anonymous members should be enough to know that The Hell is all in good fun at the expense to good taste.

The latest in The Hell shenanigans comes in the form of an an announcement that the group had signed to Prosthetic Records. A video accompanying the press release depicts the band kidnapping label head E.J. Johantgen and holding him hostage in an effort to get a record deal. Check out the brief video below.

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Swans - To Be Kind

Perhaps it’s because it took so long for me to fully digest all of the insane beauty and perfect chaos that was The Seer, but it does not feel like it’s already been two years since Swans released their last album. Michael Gira’s experimental post-punk madhouse are about to unleash yet another monstrous record though, the almost certainly ironically-titled To Be Kind, so prepare your cranial cavity appropriately.

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Septicflesh Order of Dracul

After four long years since the release of their last effort The Great Mass, Septicflesh are finally on the verge of releasing their ninth studio album, Titan. Recorded once again with a hand from The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir contributing to the score, these Greek symphonic death metallers are promising yet another addition to their discography of epic-sounding brutality.

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When Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying and Austrian Death Machine plead guilty to the attempted murder of his ex-wife, the future of said bands was immediately cast into shadow. Further complications abounded as issues were raised about original ownership of the band and how band members should proceed with making music. Now, the remaining band members have announced their step: leaving their past behind, they will form Wovenwar with the addition of Oh, Sleeper‘s Shane Blay.

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aborted the necrotic manifesto

I’ve heard The Necrotic Manifesto, the new album from Belgian death metal gore-mongers Aborted in its entirety, and take my word for it: it slays. If the first single they released from the album wasn’t proof enough that you should be salivating uncontrollably for this album, then maybe this will change your mind: Terrorizer has premiered a brand new lyric video for another new track, entitled ‘Coffin Upon Coffin’. Head over there to listen if you’d like, or you can listen here after the jump.

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