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Deafheaven - From the Kettle Onto the Coil
San Francisco outfit Deafheaven‘s ravenous appetite for playing live shows apparently has yet to be sated, as they’ve announced yet another North American headlining run. (For context, the last one was just over one month ago.) But who are we to complain?Not to mention that entry to any of the shows on the Converse Rubber Tracks-sponsored five-date run is absolutely free of charge! Tour dates after the jump.

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Anthrax  perform at the 2012 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, Mass. on August 3, 2012

Mary Ouellette,

Legendary thrash masters Anthrax are once again set to hit the road in 2015. Though the band has stated that they would have a record in 2014, it seems that the album will certainly be ready in the early part of 2015 to coincide with this trek. In tow, Anthrax will take both the Danish foursome Volbeat and Pennsylvania’s Crobot.

Dates below!

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NOLA Sludge/Doom titans Crowbar have dropped a spoopy new video for ‘Symmetry in White’, the title track to their newest album of crushingly heavy swamp sludge, which is mercifully free of fat naked dudes or twerkers. It does have a nun with bleeding eyes though. The song is also 4:20 long. Blaze it. In related news, the band has also announced that they plan to team up with veteran metalcore act Unearth and rising prog-death stars Black Crown Initiate for a string of dates at the end of the year fittingly titled the Symmetry in Winter tour. Check out the full dates and video after the jump!

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decibel magazine tour 2015

The Decibel Magazine Tour is fast becoming one of the most anticipated and highest quality annual treks, given their knack for picking up “legendary” status acts as headliners. The previous three iterations featured the likes of Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, and Carcass, all incredibly influential acts that helped spawn and/or popularize a subgenre of death metal.

2015’s iteration is no different, and will capitalize on the recently successful return of melodic death metal progenitors At The Gates with support from Converge and Vallenfyre! Get dates below.

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You freaking read that right! Despised Icon have been promising North American dates for their reunion shows ever since they announced their European dates and now those promised days have come. Do I really need to explain why this is a big deal? Despised Icon are one of the most important bands in the history of death-core and this lucky editor got to see them at Brutal Assault 2010. Let me tell you, that show was insane. But we’re not done yet, kids, as the title suggests. Head on over the jump for the second part of this mind blowing announcement.

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Since the release of their debut album, Infinitas, and maiden tour of Europe in the second half of last year, things have been quiet Circles.  However, as 2014 draws to a close, the band appears to be reactivating, and have just a released a video for the song, ‘On My Way’.  Check it out after the jump!

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Of the many and vast bands who have come about in the past few years and are taking instrumental metal in fascinating directions, there are very few that top Australia’s Tangled Thoughts of Leaving in my book. Their debut full-length, 2011’s Deaden the Fields, was easily among my favorite releases of the year for its brilliant interplay of jazz fusion, noise and electronic elements, and sprawling post-metal compositions. It’s fair to say that many of us here have been greatly anticipating news of a follow-up, so it’s with great excitement that we finally have some information to share! View Full Article »


Some of you may remember that earlier in the week, we briefly ran a story regarding the recent cancellation of a yet to be announced tour of Australia by The Ocean in January of next year, and the online shit fight that ensued between the band and Robert MacManus, a well known Australian tour promoter.  Following our publication of the story, it was brought to my attention that despite appearances, MacManus was not actually involved with promoting this particular tour, and thus we pulled the story in order to dig a bit deeper into this intriguing drama.

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devin townsend project euro tour

It is with the most selfish of smirks that I am writing this news. Our beloved maestro of majestic musical extravaganza Devin Townsend is taking his Devin Townsend Project and Ziltoid across mainland Europe and the UK. With him are the ever polarizing Periphery and the hands down batshit SHINING. While you fine people residing in the US do get more tours and are spoiled by local acts, us Euros do luck out sometimes and this is definitely one of those occasions. Get the tour dates after the jump. View Full Article »

john browne of monuments

Today, September 12th, 2014, Monuments embark on their first ever US headlining tour, and they’re bringing in tow progressive upstarts Polyphia as well as Villains and Lionfight. In support of the group’s recent stints touring stateside for the first time ever and the release of their celebrated sophomore album The Amanuensis, Monuments mastermind John Browne opened up about finding new vocalist Chris Barretto, the conceptual story behind The Amanuensis, and more. Photo by Maclyn Bean Photography.

The Amanuensis by no means is a victim of the sophomore slump, and in our opinion, it trumps the debut. How do you feel going into its release compared to Gnosis?

I feel a lot more confident for sure. We sat on the Gnosis material for over 2 years, we’d been playing it live with other singers and generally the overall consensus from the fans that it was past it’s time. Although saying that, I still think that album is a great debut.

How did you come into bringing Chris Barretto into the fold?

We were having problems with our old singer, personally and on stage. We never really felt his live performance was consistent enough for where we wanted to go. On a personal level none of us really moulded with him. We were on tour with The Haarp Machine — Chris Barretto was filling in for them. Every night he was killing it and quite honestly, making us look bad. After the tour the guys asked him if he’d be interested in auditioning for the band, his audition ruled and we figured that overall, even though the cost of flights is another expense, being a flawless live band should come at no expense. We hired him immediately.

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