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Heavy Blog Presents: THE PROGGEST AUGUST TOUR, featuring Native Construct, Wings Denied, and Outrun the Sunlight

proggest august tour

Three of progressive rock and metal’s best and brightest up-and-comers are teaming up for a run of dates across the Eastern and Midwest United States! Metal Blade signees Native Constructwho released their stellar debut Quiet World earlier this year—have announced The Proggest August Tour, featuring fellow Heavy Blog is Heavy friends and favorites Wings Denied, who released their own debut, Mirrors for a Prince [review], last year and Outrun the Sunlight, who also blessed us with Terrapin [review] in 2014. As its title implies, the tour kicks off in August and will take the three bands through the Eastern US, hitting markets from Vermont to Tennessee, and some of the Midwest with more dates to be announced very soon!

Get dates for this prog-worshiping tech trek after the jump.

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Cult of Luna Plot Return to North America; Announce Dates With Kylesa & Minsk

cult of luna 2015 tour

Cult of Luna in all their acclaim as one of the greatest touring bands in not only post-metal, but for metal at large (this is an indisputable fact), rarely manage to touch down in North America for an extended stay. Even after slimming down their lineup to five members over the years, I would have to imagine that orchestrating travel, accommodations, and time off work for the entire band often ends up being more trouble than it’s worth. Sure, the band has at this point attained a “legendary” status as a critically-acclaimed band that contributed to the genre as an art form, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not like the act are a household name yet. And it’s a shame.

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The Fall Of Troy Announce First Full North American Tour In 5 Years, Performing Doppelgänger In Full Along With A Second Set

For those of you who missed their very small run of shows in the Fall of 2014, here’s your chance to make up for it. The legendary mathcore band The Fall Of Troy announced their first full North American tour since 2010 before disbanding. What’s great about this tour is that they’re performing their breakthrough album Doppelgänger in full, which came out 10 years ago, along with a second set. This tour is broken up into two legs, one being an east coast run, the other being a west coast run. A two-parter, so to speak. The east coast run will feature And So I Watch You From Afar and Slothrust from September 6th to the 26th, and the west coast run will feature Kylesa and Powwers from November 6th to the 22nd. It seems that 2014 was just a hint of what this year holds for The Fall Of Troy, and we are very excited for it. Check the dates below!


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Tool, Primus, and Coheed to Play Super Spooky One-Off Halloween Show


If you’re a fan of A+ music and will be anywhere in the vicinity of Tempe, Arizona this coming Hallowe’en, you’re probably going to want to snag up a ticket to Tool’s one-off show at Monster Mash Music Festival featuring opening acts Primus and Coheed and Cambria. You heard that right, Tool, Primus, and Coheed (plus others to be announced!), for one night only – and that night, of all nights, is Hallowe’en night! Spoooooky! More details after the jump.

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Cattle Decapitation Streaming New B-Side From The Anthropocene Extinction

Cattle Decapitation

A year where Cattle Decapitation are releasing a new album is always going to be a good year. The deathgrind luminaries will release The Anthropecene Extinction this summer and we are salivating at the prospect of enjoying new Cattle material. One of the tracks that did not make it onto the final cut of the album, “Cannibalistic Invasivorism”, is streaming over at MetalSucks as part of the Decibel Flexi series. It’s not often we get to hear a “bonus track” before an album has even been released so get over the jump and curse humanity for all of it’s misdeeds. 

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Relapse Sign Noise Rock Outfit WRONG


Any time Relapse Records sign a new act, I’m obligated to stop what I’m doing and immediately take a listen. The label has been called home to so many classics and launched so many legendary careers that honestly, at this point, it’s worth it to do whatever you can to attempt to get in on the ground floor of fresh acts. Granted, the label must have signed over a dozen new acts in the past year, but odds still have it that you’re experiencing acts that need to be kept up with.

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Former Metal Alliance-turned Deicide Headline Tour Cursed, Cancelled

Metall Alliance
It seems the Metal Alliance-turned Deicide headline tour is, in fact, cursed, and now officially cancelled. The tour came to an abrupt and unceremonious end earlier this week following a series of mishaps and unfortunate circumstances surrounding two of the remaining bands, Hate Eternal and Lorna Shore. Head on over the jump for yet another installment of tour shenanigans.


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The Atlas Moth Announce US Tour With Vattnet Viskar and Atriarch

the atlas moth 2015 tour

Sometimes the stars align to allow our favorite bands to hit the road together. Such is the case for the upcoming The Atlas Moth headlining tour with Vattnet Viskar and Atriarch. We’ve been fans of The Atlas Moth for a while, and Vattnet Viskar are having a hell of a year with their explosive sophomore album Settler seeing release this week. The trio of acts are sure to play well off each other, as they are all vaguely psychedelic and influenced by doom and black metal. If you’re into the genre, this touring package is a must, and it’ll be the last time you’ll see The Atlas Moth on the road until they complete work on their new album next year.

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UPDATE: Headliners Revealed for The Life And Death Tour


As promised, we said we would update you all on the bands that were to be announced when the Life And Death tour was announced. Terror and Bane were announced as the headliners, with addition to Forced Order supporting on the tour. So, as it stands, the tour is Heavy Chains, Forced Order, Backtrack, Turnstile, Bane and Terror. Upon further speculation, this could be Bane’s last tour, since they’ve announced that they are breaking up, and that this year is the final year that they are appearing at This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia. But who knows anymore, since they’ve announced breaking up a few times in the past. Regardless, make sure you see this tour when it rolls through to your area. Check the dates below!

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