The Dear Hunter Are Releasing Act V This Year, The Final “Rock” Act In The Series

I don’t like to ascribe special meaning to happenstance and coincidence, but merely ONE WEEK after releasing my final missive on The Dear Hunter’s Act IV – one which I assumed would be the last thing I would say about this band for quite some time to come – I am now back finding myself on the precipice of yet another daunting task. The band, as they are so want to do recently, dropped a mega-ton weight of news today in the form of a new album announcement, a big tour announcement, and a plethora of news, background information, and sketches of future plans from Casey Crescenzo.

The Algorithm Is Coming And He’s More On Point Than Ever

Remi! Remi, we love you. Seriously, Rémi Gallego (AKA The Algorithm) is one of the more exciting artists around. Whether he deals in poppy and infectious, game-inspired bangers or heavier blends of electro and metal, his tracks are always varied, interesting and original. It seems as if, after a bit of a break from his previous release Octopus4, his career is ready for its next step forward. This year, Rémi will not only be releasing a new album, Brute Force, but also touring extensively across Europe, a tour sponsored by none other than ourselves! We have dates for that tour down below but also a new track from the selfsame album, “floating point”. Needless to say, its lush, groovy and extremely powerful. Let’s get to it!

Heavy Blog Presents: THE FRET FUEL CAN’T MELT STEEL STRINGS TOUR, feat. Sirens & The Fine Constant

Here at Heavy Blog, we’ve had the privilege to sponsor a number of tours from all sorts of bands we’re fans of. Our latest sponsored tour, the Proggest August Tour, featuring Native Construct, Wings Denied, and Outrun the Sunlight just wrapped up [view photos here], so we’re especially pleased to be bringing another one to…

Protest the Hero Announce Kezia 10 Canadian Tour Featuring Original Line-up

Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of Kezia , the renowned debut album from Canadian prog metalcore outfit Protest The Hero — and one of Heavy Blog’s favourite concept albums ever. In celebration of a decade of the album’s existence (and continued relevance), the band announced that they’ll be heading out on an…