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If you aren’t keeping tabs on The Room Colored Charlatan, I really don’t know what to tell you, other than to get on it. They’re a simply fantastic deathcore band, incredible because of the way they flawlessly combine ambient synths, groovy progressive deathcore writing, and an almost Russian Circles-level ability to write dynamic and grooving songs centered around simple riffs.

Their LP last year, Primitives, enraptured a few of us here at Heavy Blog (scope Matt’s review here), and we’ve been waiting with baited breath for news from them. Yesterday, The Room Colored Charlatan put out a new track, ‘Introspection’, and it’s a doozy. It carries their signature sound, starting with a simple riff and quickly building up through some harsh sections coupled with valleys of ambience and soft vocals, eventually reaching an incredible climax and slowly spiraling back down into nothingness, even ending with some chimes (!!!!!).

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Here at the blog, a few of us have been tracking the new Sannhet release, Revisionist, intently. Their previous work, Known Flood, was a tour de force of sludgy, precise, blackened-yet-somehow-still-pretty-upbeat instrumental post-metal. And now, after two preview tracks, Sannhet are ready to share Revisionist with the world in full, and it’s a jawdropper. View Full Article »

There are few things in this world that will make me drop everything instantly and scream incessantly like a child. New music from enigmatic Canadian post-rock/metal legends Godspeed You! Black Emperor is absolutely one of them. It was shocking enough when the band rose from the ashes of a seemingly indefinite hiatus a few years ago, started playing out again, and dropped a massive and amazing album in the form of Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! I’m not sure why, but I really had no expectations of the band coming back anytime soon to blow my mind again. So suddenly seeing their label Constellation Records casually drop news of a new album along with a nearly 8-minute excerpt is more than enough to drive me into Muppet-like arm-flailing mode. Get details and listen to the new track after the jump.

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Melechesh - Enki

Hailing from Jerusalem, Israel (and Amsterdam currently), Melechesh have returned with their sixth LP entitled Enki which is set for a March 10th release. The band and Nuclear Blast Records have decided to go ahead and let fans check out the album in its entirety with an exclusive YouTube stream! After all, it’s been almost five years since the release of their previous record, The Epigenesis. Check it out below!

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Torche, for the uninitiated, are the proprietors of upbeat sludge pop and happy-go-lucky doom grooves. For residing in a genre (and on a label) that does business almost solely in more serious negative vibes, Torche come grinning ear to ear, weaving fuzzy distortion and downtuned riffs into songs that are seriously fun. Their new album Restarter has seen the most hype and anticipation of any of the band’s releases to date, and it all finally comes to a head with the album’s full-length premiere over at Noisey.

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These types of posts are normally reserved for young and upcoming acts but today is a little bit different. Trepalium have been plying their trade for more than a decade now and have some serious history in that they have supported their fellow countrymen (and envirometal messiahs) Gojira and also released albums through labels like Seasons Of Mist. You have to go back to 2012 for the last time we featured them here! Anyway, check a full album stream and some more words after the jump! View Full Article »

Keep of Kalessin - Epistemology

This is a big deal! Keep of Kalessin have made available their sixth studio album Epistemology for streaming. Why should you care? Well, it’s great, but let me explain. KoK are a Norwegian “Epic Extreme Metal” (I’d call them Progressive Black Metal) band. Their previous album Reptilian is tied for my all-time favorite record. They lost their vocalist in an African jungle and now their amazing guitarist Arnt “Obsidian Claw” is doing vocals. Well, whatever, the album is amazing. Seriously. Check it out after the jump.

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After whetting our appetites with ‘Blight’s End Angel,’ we’ve been eagerly anticipating the debut album from Sumac, a sludge metal supergroup of sorts featuring Aaron Turner (ISIS, Old Man Gloom), Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) and Brian Cook (Russian Circles, Botch) in their ranks. Lucky for us, with less than a week until its release, Sumac are streaming The Deal in its entirety.

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If you’ve been paying close enough attention, you can now hear half of Torche‘s soon-to-be-released album Restarter. First there was ‘Minions,’ then ‘Annihilation Affair,’ then ‘Loose Men,’ and now, courtesy of Alt Press, the short and sweet ‘Undone,’ as well as the album’s long eponymous closing track, courtesy of Stereogum (also featuring a nice interview). Listen to both tracks and a few thoughts after the jump.

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While he may be known best for his heavy and often viral covers of pop songs, Baltimore’s Drewsif Stalin has been slowly but surely cooking up a new LP entitled …Comes To An End, whose release date has yet to be revealed. After the release of the group’s awesome music video for “Nightfall,” Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors are back with a re-recording of “Collapse,” which has much stronger production values and vocal performances. Check it out below:

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