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It’s no secret that Nile’s George Kollias is an absolute animal behind the drum kit and one of the most universally-respected names in the realm of mind-bending speed in death metal. What may have been lesser-known, however, is that he apparently knows how to play every instrument in a standard metal set up and has been working on solo material for years now! Lambgoat has the most recent stream of the song available, but we have it embedded below for your convenience.

Kollias will be releasing his debut solo album, Invictus, on May 18th and you can preorder it now on Season of Mist’s webstore. Fans can also now get a taste of what kind of riffs Kollias is bringing to the table with “Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead.” Head over the jump to check it out:

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This is it folks, this is not a drill. Following the release of a single from the album and in anticipation of its release, the geniuses at Godspeed You! Black Emperor are streaming the new album, Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress, in full. What you need to know: it’s amazing. It opens with the already released single and simply goes uphill from there, building on that amazing foundation. Just head on over the jump. The stream is there.

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Earache Records artists Oceano are streaming their new full length Ascendants. Normally a full album stream would merit joyous tidings and rapturous bleetings from the staff here but if you pay close attention to the site you may still have missed my short and sharp (very sharp) review of this most dismal of records. If you desire breakdowns with very little else involved then head on over the jump and check it out.

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Liturgy - The Ark Work

It’s really not hard to piss off a black metal fan, and no other band has done that in this decade quite like New York’s Liturgy. After the release of 2011’s Aesthethica, a string a particularly pretentious interviews and praise from a wide variety of music publications, the band was almost poised to end after several of their key members left the group. While they’ve been resting on their hype for at least a few years now, the band is now only one week away from releasing their third LP, The Ark Work, which is unquestionably their most experimental effort to date. To keep fans happy, the band decided to put up a full stream of the album on NPR yesterday, and things have definitely taken a turn for the weirder.

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This is it: the hype period for Entheos’s debut EP ends now. The band have released the album for streaming over on bandcamp and let me tell you something right out the door: it’s going to melt your face off. The bass and drums are absolutely phenomenal, which should come as no surprise when you remember that they are fronted by Evan Brewer (The Faceless/Ex-Animosity) and Navene Koperweis (Ex-Animals as Leaders/Ex-Animosity). You know what? Just head on over the jump and listen for yourself.

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The fact that Pyramids were able to solicit the input of renaissance man Colin Marston and Blut Aus Nord mastermind Vindsval after having released only a debut (2008’s Pyramids) is an unquestionably impressive feat. Seven years later, the band have returned with their sophomore album A Northern Meadow, a release that continues the group’s genre agnosticism. Head past the jump to spin the record, which premiered over at Stereogum yesterday:

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So, this strange wave of bands migrating from black metal into other realms of music has been ongoing for quite a while now. Bands like Ulver or Alcest are the most famous (infamous?) names in this movement, with Anathema doing the same for doom and The Gathering for folk. I’m still divided on whether we can define this wave as a success but CODE have decided to add to it. Leaving by the wayside their black metal roots, CODE have released their newest album ‘mut’, all resplendent in somber prog vibes. Head on over the jump for the full stream.

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Just last week, Harm’s Way dropped a really cool video for ‘Amongst The Rust’, the second track to be released from their forthcoming LP Rust. The album drops on the 10th of this month but you don’t have to wait ’til then to get your holes invaded by this landing party of metallic hardcore merchants. It is definitely not what I was expecting for sure but more about that after. Listen to the full stream of Rust after the jump. View Full Article »


Sunny and noodly jazz-prog prodigies CHON already impressed a lot of us on staff with the first single off of their upcoming debut full-length Grow, ‘Story.’ Their brilliant technicality has never been in question, but there were lingering questions on whether the group could harness that into something more compelling than riffs and extended instrumental sketches. ‘Story’ showed a lot of great promise and development in the songwriting department, and new single ‘Can’t Wait’ compliments it nicely. Give it a listen after the jump!

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The Dear Hunter Live

There are two major ways to approach band publicity. You can take the slow and steady approach by releasing info in drips and drabs – a tour here, a single here, a new album here. Or you can essentially say fuck it and just dump everything at once and leave press and fans scrambling to pick up the pieces. Casey Crescenzo of progressive band The Dear Hunter has always had a knack for keeping his fans on their toes, so it comes as no surprise that he would choose to announce three HUGE pieces of information at once, while seemingly burying the lede on the biggest piece.

Yesterday, in a letter to fans on the band’s website, Crescenzo announced the immediate release of the band’s new live album, simply named The Dear Hunter Live. The album contains cuts from the band’s post-Migrant tour in 2013 with a string quartet and covers bits from nearly their entire catalog (with the exception of Act I). Listen to a full stream of it and catch the other all-important information from the press release after the jump!

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