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We’ve already told you that He Is Legend‘s new album is pretty damn good, solidifying their position is an important band. Juggling many influences and styles, the album defies genre specification and sets an enticing and evocative stage for the different voices contained within. Now you can take us up on our word and stream the album in full, courtesy of the band themselves. Check out the full stream after the jump!

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pallbearer foundations of burden

Up and coming doom n’ gloom sensations Pallbearer have dropped their massive new album Foundations of Burden exclusively over at Pitchfork. The catchy leads over huge doom riffs continues over from the Portland outfit’s celebrated debut Sorrow and Extinction, but the band plays a bit more with tempo this time around. That’s not to say that Foundations of Burden is super upbeat, but things are looking up!

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old wounds

The last time we saw Old Wounds, the hardcore act were being snapped up by Good Fight and had announced the release of their Death Projection EP. The EP isn’t out until September but for now we can have our wounds dressed with the first track,  the appropriately titled ‘Dead Beat Blues’. Get it after the jump!

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The World We Left Behind will be black metal outfit Nachtmystium‘s farewell gift. Due out August 5th, this nine-track album is a “memorial, oozing of desperation, gloom and depravity.” The title premiered over at Pitchfork.

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Not a week after prolific hardcore label A389 Recordings dropped a behemoth of a mixtape on our undeserving heads, Deathwish Inc. are at it now with a summer sampler of their own! The brainchild of Tre Watson and the most revered front man of Heavy Blog favorites Converge, Deathwish has been putting out exemplary hardcore and avant-garde releases for more than a decade now. You can’t throw an extended range guitar at our year end lists without hitting a Deathwish album! This 20 track sampler is full of label favorites and a few that you might have missed if you haven’t been paying attention. Well, pay attention. View Full Article »


“Drum and dulcimer-driven eco-terrorist black metal.” That’s certainly one way to describe Botanist, the one-man avant-garde project from Bay Area multi-instrumentalist Otrebor.

This latest track in the Botanist saga, titled “Stargazer,” will be making an appearance on the sixth upcoming release, IV: Flora, when it drops a couple of weeks into August. Hat tip to our friends at Tiny Mix Tapes for hosting the premiere of this incredibly haunting and beautiful track.

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fall of the albatross enormous cloud

New York’s Fall of the Albatross are a peculiar band that sits confidently and comfortably at the crossroads of post-rock, jazz fusion, and mathcore. Their latest album Enormous Cloud acts as a treatise on challenging instrumental music, both aurally and technically, from the elegantly ethereal opener ‘Reality to Reverie, Reverie to Reality’ to the schizophrenic and jagged call-and-response of ‘In The Interest of Time.’ 

Being fans of weirdo prog freakouts, we’re excited to act as hosts to Enormous Cloud and all the havok and headscratching it’s sure to bring. Stream the album in its entirety after the jump.

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On the outskirts of a genre as experimental and diverse as metal, many different sounds can be found. Some lose cohesion often, resulting in works that are more experiment than music. Not so with Wreck & Reference. Their latest album, ‘Want‘, is shaping up to be an intriguing mix living on the borders between post-rock, electronics and abrasiveness. You can stream it in full over at Pitchfork, accompanied by eerily desolate videos of sand being poured into various vessels. Yes, we’re also scratching our heads.

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trap them blissfucker

We’re gonna beat this Entombedcore horse well past its expiration date. Buckle in, folks.

Trap Them have been teasing us with a selection of goliath riffs and pissed off chaos from their much hyped about record Blissfucker for weeks now, and it’s finally time to experience the opus in its entirety thanks to Noisey.

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When last we saw themSon  of Aurelius were surprising us all with their newfangled sound and maturity. Much more complex instrumentals were joined by surprisingly powerful clean vocals and the whole thing rang true with progressive ingenuity. We are extremely happy to announce that the excellency previously displayed seems to be the rule for this upcoming release. To prove our point, you can now stream a new track, titled ‘Long Ago’. Check it out after the jump!

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