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Has it already been three years since Florida’s Torche released their last album, Harmonicraft? Man, time sure flies. The band has been working on their upcoming fourth LP with their bassist Jonathan Nuñez producing and Converge’s Kurt Ballou on mixing duties. They’ve also been slowly leaking out new songs to help get the buzz (and fuzz) out about the new record, and Rolling Stone has just premiered their third single released, entitled “Loose Men.” Check it out below!

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If These Trees Could Talk re-issue streams

Last week, I sat down to chat with Zack Kelly, producer/drummer at If These Trees Could Talk. We chatted about the upcoming album, how the unique post rock style of the band came to be and about the upcoming re-issues of their two previous releases, Red Forest and Above The Earth, Below The Sky. I also made sure to tell you that it’s a crime not to know this band intimately and I still stand behind that. Now, you have a chance to get acquainted with both releases, as we have an exclusive stream of both of them to coincide with their release today. Head on over the jump for the links!

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Devin Townsend Fredrick Morgan

It’s no secret that Morgan Agren is one of the most absurdly talented drummers out there right now, but it may be lesser-known that he just released his debut solo record entitled Batterie Deluxe. While Agren may be known best for his work in the dizzying 1997 album Sol Niger Within by Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects, this new record is closer to the schizophrenic tendencies of electronic acts like Aphex Twin. The whole album is streaming now, so check it out below! View Full Article »

Primitive Man home

If 2015 didn’t quite get off to the start you were hoping for, Colorado’s own Primitive Man have announced the release of a brand new four track EP, Home Is Where The Hatred Is. Fans of the band should be salivating at the prospect of what will be a perfect post Christmas stocking filler. Get more information and the first taste of new music from this release after the jump. View Full Article »

Alright folks, you already know what this is about: Periphery, one of the most vocal bands in recent years, are finally nearing release of their epic Juggernaut. Prior to its release, in good modern-day fashion, the band are streaming the album in two beats; one for Alpha, already on the air since yesterday, and now for Omega as well, the closer to the double album. Head on over the jump and bring ear plugs: this is their heaviest work yet.

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I like to write a nice, flowery introduction to these kind of posts, mentioning something general about a particular scene or genre of music but not today. Scumguts were brought to my attention by our very own William France. He shared this with the staff here over the weekend and, after 30 seconds of some of the most crushing powerviolence I have heard in a long time, I set about writing this. This band and their new record are full of spunk, in the crustiest meaning of the word. View Full Article »

periphery alpha

With just over a week until its release, Periphery and Sumerian Records have moved forward with streaming the first half of the band’s two-part Juggernaut epic, Alpha. Longtime fans of the band will without a doubt be enamored with Juggernaut; even some Heavy Blog staff members who were less than thrilled with Periphery II are touting Juggernaut as being some of the band’s best work to date. But don’t take our word for it; stream Alpha below, as presented by Loudwire.

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There are a few voices in this world who can cut through everything and just demolish your heart. Dorthia Cottrell (Windhand), possesses one of those voice. We got a chance to hear that voice standing tall in her previous single and now, the magical singer is back again to shatter our composure. Head on over the jump for ‘Kneeler’, the latest single off her upcoming solo album.

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The lads in Carach Angren are playing their own game of Clue in the form of ‘Killed and Served by the Devil’, for which the band teamed with Metal Underground for an exclusive premiere. The track comes from the forthcoming opus This Is No Fairytale and displays more insight into the development of the story, without giving too much away. Catch it after the jump. View Full Article »


It’s safe to say that some of us are fans of iamthemorning, with a solid album review in our wings and reveals of chamber arrangements of album tracks.

Now, vocalist Marjana Semkina presents us with another treat—a vocal cover of TesseracT‘s “Perfection.” But the acoustic version from the Perspective EP. You can hear the original here, if you so please, and you can check out Semkina’s version after the cut.

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