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Remember that new song by mathcore stalwarts The Crinn we posted about yesterday? Well, the band released another song off of their forthcoming sophomore LP, Shadowbreather, mere hours afterwards. You can stream the song over at No Clean Singing. This one’s titled ‘Endless,’ and it might as well be about my endless excitement at the prospect of hearing the album. Head on over the jump for more opinions.

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thomas giles modern noise

While Between the Buried and Me are currently hard at work writing their next opus of a rock opera for a 2015 release, frontman Tommy Rogers is gearing up for the release of Modern Noise, the sophomore album from his Thomas Giles solo project. A first glimpse at the album came in the form of the track ‘Mutilated World, and now a second single, ‘I Appear Disappear‘ has emerged online courtesy of Guitar World.

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We here at Heavy Blog Is Heavy have done our damned best at keeping you in the loop regarding Black Crown Initiate and their much anticipated eOne record The Wreckage Of Stars. My maestro of a colleague in Noyan was even kind enough to share his pretty thoughts and words with you in his review it last month. Now you can ignore whatever we have said previously and make up your own damn mind regarding this (incredible) metal release. Full stream after the jump folks! View Full Article »

Obituary - Inked in Blood

If you like your death metal old-school, raw, and full of groove, then boy, do I have some good news for you. The new album from Florida death metal legends, Obituary, is now streaming in full, courtesy of Loudwire. Check it out after the jump! View Full Article »


Way back last year, we informed you that Minnesotans The Crinn were gearing up for the release of new material. It’s taken a while, but the band has finally delivered on the premise, breaking the four year-long hiatus since their full-length debut. In fact, all of a sudden we’re getting a new album announcement and a new song! Their follow-up to the most excellent Dreaming Saturn will be titled Shadowbreather, and while a release date hasn’t been given yet, the band did unveil the sweet cover art shown above. What’s more important is that ‘Silent Betrayer’, the first offering from the album, is a clear indication that we’re in for a serious treat. You can check it out right after the jump!

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Bring Me The Horizon teased their new video for ‘Drown’ last week and thankfully, for teenage girls and die hard fans of the band, they didn’t wait long before releasing it. Now, like most of the bands we feature here, there are polarising opinions about this lot around the metaphorical Heavy Blog staff table. The band have come a long way from the Count Your Blessings days and while Sempiternal contained some good tracks, the direction the band have taken is, questionable at best, but that can wait. Check the new video after the jump. View Full Article »

ERRA - Dreamcatcher

Last year was a very good year for Erra, especially around these parts. Augment made its way into several of our writers year end lists, mine included, with their take on metalcore – one with layers of lavish instrumentation, melody and some catchy as hell tunes. News from the bands Facebook teased at something big happening and, for anyone with half a brain and Sumerian Records on Instagram, it was quite apparent what was coming. More information and new music after the jump. View Full Article »


You know what I miss? Deathcore that’s heavy yet technical, without any gimmicks or being stupidly over the top. Well, here we have Hybrid Sheep, who seem to scratch that itch rather well. Hailing from France, the band was formed in 2008 and they’re finally releasing their full length in December. If their first single is any indication, it will definitely contain riffs that will make you inadvertently bob your head. Check out the music video for ‘Liar’s Promises’ (which we are premiering exclusively right now!) after the jump.

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Pianos Become the Teeth - Keep You

It’s no secret that many of us here have been salivating in anticipation over Baltimore post-hardcore Pianos Become the Teeth‘s upcoming release Keep You. Well if you’re anything like us, you are about to hop up and down in excitement over the news of a full stream of said album. Get pumped, prepare for feels, and find the stream after the jump! View Full Article »

With no further aplomb, Homewrecker have released yet another thrash hit from their upcoming A389 Recodings effort Circle Of Death and this one also refuses to take shit from anyone. The last we saw of the Cleveland d-beat collective we were having our jimmies rustled by the ferocious title track of the new LP and now, with ‘Punish The Ignorance’, you should join us in getting knocked down by another right hook delivery with plenty of snap, plenty of balls and more mosh potential than a hardcore kid going off his meds. More after the hop. View Full Article »

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