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schizoid lloyd

Here at Heavy Blog, there are few things we love more than avant garde music. There are also few record labels (read: no record labels) that we love more than Finland-based Blood Music. Therefore, it follows that recent Blood Music signees Schizoid Lloyd — who are marketed as a psychotic blend of Mr. Bungle, Queen, and Leprous — would be an act fit for our obsession. After being given an early listen of a new track from the group’s full-length debut The Last Note In God’s Magnum Opus, the logic checks out. Schizoid Lloyd are an act that you mustn’t do without.

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There’s been a steady and gentle buzz building regarding enigmatic post-black metal act Myrkur. This Scandinavian one-woman act takes the blackened atmospheric work and lush melodies of acts like Alcest and Deafheaven and shrouds them in feminine mystique with interesting results. If you like your black metal unafraid to venture into clean vocal territory (complete with layered choir tracks!) with no shortage of melody, Myrkur’s self-titled EP needs to be on your radar.

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Thrash metal masters Exodus have premiered the first track from their forthcoming album, Blood In, Blood Out. The song is called “Salt the Wound”, and not only is it an absolute ripper, it features Kirk Hammett laying down a wicked, wah-wah infused guitar solo!  Listen after the jump. Oh, and prepare your neck muscles.

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unearth watchers of rule

Listen to the first twenty seconds of ‘The Swarm’ and you would be forgiven for thinking that The Black Dahlia Murder had just dropped a surprise new track. Thankfully, the first new music from Unearth since 2011’s Darkness In The Light does not take long to remind everyone that, contrary to popular belief, the NWOAHM still lives on. Its hairline may have receded somewhat and the beer gut may be a bit larger but metalcore is still here and it’ll be damned if it doesn’t still have one last round in the chamber. Get some hair swirling, air guitar magic after the jump!

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Of the copious and well-executed post-rock and metal albums that have been released this year, few have us more excited than This Will Destroy You‘s upcoming Another Language (not to be confused with that other album people seem to be talking about a lot called Language). We’ve already previewed two tracks from it, but you can now stream the entire thing courtesy of Pitchfork (which has, mercifully, finally decided that yes, a pause button would be beneficial to an audio player). View Full Article »

baring teeth ghost chorus

And so the wave of abstract death metal continues! Keeping in the practice of bridging death metal with jazz-fusion inspired technique and dark atmospheric qualities, New York’s Baring Teeth are the lesser known peers of critically acclaimed acts such as Pyrrhon, Ulcerate, and Mother Brain. With the budding genre gaining attention as of late, hopefully Baring Teeth will finally break out of the underground with their upcoming full-length, Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins. ‘Mountain’, a new track from the album, has been made available for streaming, and you can check it out after the jump.

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You think you know Cannibal Corpse. I know, “you’ve heard one song, you’ve heard ‘em all.” This kind of flippant attitude in regards to the band often credited for the popularization of death metal not only does the band a disservice, but it also has shut many would-be fans out of one hell of a listening experience. Surely the band have earned their reputation as a gonzo-violent caricature of the genre, but that doesn’t mean that the group are without quality throughout. I’ve had the privilege of hearing the group’s forthcoming new album A Skeletal Domain in its entirety, and I’m confident in saying that it’s the group’s best album in years. For being a bunch of older dudes, they’ve never swayed from their path of continued greatness; where other bands wither while they age, Cannibal Corpse are as strong as ever.

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TECHSLAM! Chief Australian brutal death exports Disentomb are continuing to fuel the hype and anticipation surrounding their forthcoming album, Misery. They premiered a track from the album a few weeks ago, and now they’ve released another earth-crushingly heavy track in the form of a sick and demented music video. Watch the video for “Vultures Descend” after the jump.

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mastodon ft gibby haynes

As a regular viewer of Adult Swim, I’ve been anticipating the new single from Mastodon and Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes for weeks now due to the regular promos the network has been airing for their Adult Swim Singles Program, which has also recently offered brand new tracks from Deafheaven and Sleep. The new Mastodon track — titled ‘Atlanta‘ — has finally been made available, and it’s nothing at all like your typical Mastodonian prog-sludge jam; we’re talking straight up hardcore punk here. It’s pretty obvious why this is a one-off track that was never intended to be a part of any concrete Mastodon release. Even still, the track slays. Stream it after the jump.

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ne obliviscaris citadel

The hype train for Aussie progressive death metallers Ne Obliviscaris‘ forthcoming sophomore record Citadel is starting to pick up speed as the world has just received the first taste of the crowdfunded new album. ‘Curator‘, evidently the third movement of a second part (?!?!) of a much larger musical epic (!!!!) called ‘Painters of the Tempest.Terrorizor is offering the exclusive stream, so hop on over and have your mind and heart gripped tightly.

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