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If you’ve been salivating anxiously to hear the new album from modern metal masters Machine Head like I have, then I have some good news for you. The band has released samples of all the tracks over at their official website, and they all sound great. Check out more info after the jump.

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If you have been paying attention, Heavy Blog Is Heavy and myself in particular have been quite excited about the new Homewrecker record Circle Of Death. With the release date falling on Hallows Eve you can treat yourself early with all nine tracks of this furious album  which is streaming after the jump. Don’t waste a moment, no matter how behind you are in your spooky preparations!

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While the ambient pop rock mishap that was ‘Drown’ had a redeemable and catchy chorus, the newest track from the British poster children for neck tattoos is, without being too mean, a hulking big piece of excrement. If you have some time to kill and want to question how a band like Bring Me The Horizon can move so drastically from where they came from then check it out after the jump. If you don’t I won’t be offended. View Full Article »

There is truly nothing negative to say about Fugazi: they are one of the first (and finest) post-hardcore bands and retained a strict set of principles aimed at making their shows and music accessible to everyone, through an all-ages only policy and ensuring affordable prices for tickets and merchandise. The band has now announced that they will revisit songs preceding their six stellar full-lengths with the release of “First Demo,” eleven tracks recorded at Inner Ear Studios in the band’s infancy. Check out the track “Merchandise” from this session and the release’s track listing after the jump.

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ne obliviscaris citadel

Over the past few months, Ne Obliviscaris have been whetting the appetite for their impending second album, Citadel, by releasing a number of its movements for public consumption, and on hearing these teasers, it was difficult to conclude anything other than that the album would be something special. More info and the stream after the jump!

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We’ve already spilled a larger number of words on telling you about Mono‘s upcoming double release, The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness. If you’re not convinced yet that this is one of the most important albums of the year, and the most important album in the band’s career, you can now stream the whole thing for yourself. Prepare to sink into the dark realms of the stripped down Mono sound but not before being exposed to the heights of their post-rock flourishes. Head on over the jump to begin your journey.

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Remember that new song by mathcore stalwarts The Crinn we posted about yesterday? Well, the band released another song off of their forthcoming sophomore LP, Shadowbreather, mere hours afterwards. You can stream the song over at No Clean Singing. This one’s titled ‘Endless,’ and it might as well be about my endless excitement at the prospect of hearing the album. Head on over the jump for more opinions.

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thomas giles modern noise

While Between the Buried and Me are currently hard at work writing their next opus of a rock opera for a 2015 release, frontman Tommy Rogers is gearing up for the release of Modern Noise, the sophomore album from his Thomas Giles solo project. A first glimpse at the album came in the form of the track ‘Mutilated World, and now a second single, ‘I Appear Disappear‘ has emerged online courtesy of Guitar World.

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We here at Heavy Blog Is Heavy have done our damned best at keeping you in the loop regarding Black Crown Initiate and their much anticipated eOne record The Wreckage Of Stars. My maestro of a colleague in Noyan was even kind enough to share his pretty thoughts and words with you in his review it last month. Now you can ignore whatever we have said previously and make up your own damn mind regarding this (incredible) metal release. Full stream after the jump folks! View Full Article »

Obituary - Inked in Blood

If you like your death metal old-school, raw, and full of groove, then boy, do I have some good news for you. The new album from Florida death metal legends, Obituary, is now streaming in full, courtesy of Loudwire. Check it out after the jump! View Full Article »

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