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Llerandi Poster

I’ve noted a couple of times in the past year about the immense skill and talent of guitarist Nicholas Llerandi (Ever Forthright, Stimpy Lockjaw). His playing blends a masterful technicality with a keen sense of composition and form. So it comes as no surprise that Llerandi is releasing a solo EP, nor that it continues the more jazz fusion-y direction of Stimpy Lockjaw and goes further into straight-up jazz. What is surprising is that Llerandi will be donating a significant amount of sales from the album to charity in support of children and the arts. Learn more about this and hear some exclusive new material from the album after the jump!

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Spanish technical metalcore act The Raven Autarchy have announced the title, release date and tracklist of their new album, entitled The Obscene Deliverance. The follow up to 2013’s excellent Kaonashi, The Raven Autarchy are an up and coming act that are definitely one to follow if you like technical metal in the vein of Within the Ruins or After The Burial. Head on over the jump for the trailer to the new album and a new track!

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KEN Mode - Success

Stop what you’re doing and peep this right now. KEN Mode have just released the first track from their upcoming Seasons Of Mist release and it is absolutely killer. ‘Blessed’ arrives attached to yet another glorious music video and you will struggle to find a better visual match to a song so intensely kinetic. Head over the jump and check the video before you read my gushing statement regarding how this band continue to blow my mind. View Full Article »


This is a great surprise! Norwegian avant-garde metal masters Arcturus are back from their decade-long slumber with new material! With the man with the heavenly voice, ICS Vortex (of Dimmu Borgir and Borknagar fame and with his own solo project) on vocals, Hellhammer (literally every black metal band) on drums and main songwriter Steinar Sverd Johnsen at the helm, the band is hitting full force with their new album Arcturian, which they claim will be their magnum opus. Well, they’ve released a new song titled “The Arcturian Sign”, so let’s see if that’s true.

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TToL Yield To Despair

We’ve been telling you for a while that you should be listening to the post-jazz-drone-metal melting pot that is Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving. With the release of their sophomore album Yield To Despair coming April 17, now is the perfect time to hop on board if you haven’t already. As huge fans of the band, we’re honored to have the opportunity to debut a new track from the album, the first since the release of the Downbeat EP in November. Check out the song below, entitled ‘The Albanian Sleepover – Part 1’!

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It’s no secret that Nile’s George Kollias is an absolute animal behind the drum kit and one of the most universally-respected names in the realm of mind-bending speed in death metal. What may have been lesser-known, however, is that he apparently knows how to play every instrument in a standard metal set up and has been working on solo material for years now! Lambgoat has the most recent stream of the song available, but we have it embedded below for your convenience.

Kollias will be releasing his debut solo album, Invictus, on May 18th and you can preorder it now on Season of Mist’s webstore. Fans can also now get a taste of what kind of riffs Kollias is bringing to the table with “Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead.” Head over the jump to check it out:

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I don’t know quite how we’ve never actually featured Shokran on Heavy Blog before as quite a few of the staff are big fans. Just last year the band released Supreme Truth, an album which made more than a handful of us internet metal types stand up and notice. Shokran play progressive metal laden with fat grooves and layers of Oriental style synths. The dust has barely settled and the band have now released a track titled ‘Creatures From The Mud’, coinciding with the release date of the new full length. Get it after the jump.

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weedeater goliathan

Purveyors of southern stoner sludge, Weedeater, are back at it again with a new track, ‘Cain Enabler,’ from their upcoming record, Goliathan. Weedeater’s been around for a while, and they’ve been silent on the sonic front since their 2012 LP, And Justice For Y’all. Now, ready to embark on a new tour across the US, they’ve released a new single to titillate the ears and excite anyone coming to see them live. View Full Article »

dutch book

Despite dropping a successful sophomore solo record last year and writing/recording his band’s hotly anticipated seventh full-length record Coma Ecliptic, Between the Buried and Me frontman Tommy Rogers (doing business these days as Thomas Giles) managed to find time in the past year to score an indie film.

Dutch Book, directed by James Repici, is the story of a Florida teenager who launches a scheme to pay off his father’s gambling debts. Rogers provides the film with a sonic backdrop of pulsing soundscapes and driving electronics, surely drawing influence from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross‘ forray into film scores. While the film has began making rounds in the film festival circuit, Rogers dropped the Dutch Book original score via Bandcamp, and you can stream it in its entirety after the jump.

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We’re calling it now: expect to see a lot of Minsk come December when they start to appear on year-end best-of lists, as their long-awaited return, The Crash and The Draw, is everything you’d be craving for out of doom and post-metal in 2015; stoned-out riffs, progressive flair for the experimental, and production from Sanford Parker — who, by the way, is a former member who had enough grace to return to the helm. It’s a phenomenal record in form and fashion, to be sure.

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