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“Drum and dulcimer-driven eco-terrorist black metal.” That’s certainly one way to describe Botanist, the one-man avant-garde project from Bay Area multi-instrumentalist Otrebor.

This latest track in the Botanist saga, titled “Stargazer,” will be making an appearance on the sixth upcoming release, IV: Flora, when it drops a couple of weeks into August. Hat tip to our friends at Tiny Mix Tapes for hosting the premiere of this incredibly haunting and beautiful track.

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Hailing from Prague in the Czech Republic, Epicardiectomy are shining examples of modern slam, as shining an example one can find in a genre populated by such subversive culture, that is. Blissful as it is ignorant, with production as flat as the brims of the hats, the video for ‘Horrendous Mutating Festerations’ is as unapologetic and extremely straight forward as this type of metal gets. By now you will have made your own decision as to whether you are going to read any further. If you don’t, fair enough, but let it be said that you will be missing out on some SICK face bling and some furiously awkward off-screen masturbation. Seriously. Get more after the jump. View Full Article »


In the day and age of videos like Cattle Decapitation‘s ‘Forced Gender Reassignment’, nothing is shocking anymore. Still, Austria’s blackened death metal warriors Belphegor dropped an appropriately unsettling video yesterday with enough blood, horror, and Satan to entertain the whole family! The video features the title track off latest Nuclear Blast offering ‘Conjuring the Dead’, due out August 5th (NA), 8th (EU), and 11th (UK/FR).

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Canadian tech/prog death up-and-comers Beyond Creation are on the fast track to universal adoration from the metal community — if only more people heard of them! Their debut album The Aura was one of the greatest albums from 2011, and in my opinion, the best death metal album we heard the whole year. Initially self-released, the band quickly got snatched up by Season of Mist for the album’s re-release and an impending sophomore album.

At long last, the first new track from the group has been made available in the form of ‘Elusive Reverence,’ and it’s everything you would have hoped for.

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Sleep - clarity

Sometimes it’s easy to forget or overlook things regardless of how monumentally important they are. Case in point: we’re roughly four days late in covering the first new Sleep song in about a decade, ‘The Clarity.’ Prepare your paraphernalia.

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Black metal has no shortage of one-man bands, but finding a woman in black metal — especially going it solo — can be a task. Relapse Records managed to discover one such act out of Denmark going by the name of Myrkur. The promo materials released so far tout the act as being for fans of Deafheaven, Alcest, and Ulver — tell-tale signs that Myrkur’s breed of black metal will be plenty ethereal and atmospheric, if not slightly experimental. The first bit of music from Myrkur’s self-titled Relapse debut comes in the form of the single ‘Nattens Barn,‘ which can be heard below.

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Darkest Hour
More than a decade into a career spanning seven albums and with more tours under their belts than a Motley Crue groupie, Darkest Hour are still making sure that their blend of melodic death metal and thrash splashed aggression is out there for all to witness. Their forthcoming self titled Sumerian debut has already been teased with a lyric video for ‘Wasteland’ and just this past evening the band have shared more new material. Check out ‘Rapture In Exile’ after the drop! View Full Article »

Code Orange Kids/Twitching Tongues Tour

Code Orange Kids are now grown up and have declared themselves king under the name Code Orange, so the natural next step in their career would be to announce a huge tour, right? Right. Today the band took to Facebook to announce the month long trek across America they will be making with Twitching Tongues, and a slew of other bands as well, including a couple of our favorites,  Nails! They were also kind enough to throw a new track our way, courtesy of Alternative Press. You can stream ‘My World’ over at AltPress’ website. Check out the tour dates below, and make sure to follow the key to find out who you will and will not see at your date.
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let it go

I don’t care what anyone says; Frozen was undoubtedly one of the best films from 2013, and the musical highlight ‘Let It Go’ is a phenomenal song regardless of its oversaturation. You’ve all heard it, and I don’t feel like I need to argue my point.

Since its rise to popularity — it won an Academy Award for Best Original Song —- ‘Let It Go’ surely inspired dozens of hamfisted metal covers. In 2014, metal bands covering pop songs comes across as a thinly-veiled attempt at being edgy or ironic, and it’s not a good look. More often than not I can’t help but feel embarrassment in the genre when people try to shoehorn breakdowns and low growls into tracks such as this. And typically, these bands aren’t legitimate international touring acts, so these covers tend to keep to themselves if you’re actively avoiding them.

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panopticon roads to the north

Louisville, KY based one man band Panopticon has been one of the most creative forces in black metal in recent years, combining the ever-popular atmospheric black metal sound with Americana and Bluegrass. The breakout album Kentucky was a genre-bending masterpiece, breaking up swathes of blasting drums and tremolo-picked riffs with old protest songs from the coal labor union movement in the early 1900′s, complete with traditional folk instruments such as mandolin and banjo. An odd amalgam to be sure, but it was an inspired record that put Panopticon on the map as a band essential to the American black metal scene.

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