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Tempel’s New Track, “Descending Into The Labyrinth,” Will A-Maze You


One of the records I’m looking forward to most in the next few months is the upcoming record from Tempel, an Arizona-based instrumental blackened doom duet. When they first popped up on my Bandcamp feed, the album cover intrigued me and I gave them a listen. I was blown away by the track I heard, “Carvings in the Door”: the disparate styles melded into a beautiful and haunting whole.

Ever since I heard that track, I’ve been chomping at the bit for a chance to hear more of their new album, The Moon Lit Our Path, and now that I’ve gotten the chance, I’ve doubled down on my excitement for the record. Check out the new track, “Descending Into The Labyrinth,” after the jump.

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Thy Art Is Murder Extinguishes Audio Leaks By Releasing “Light Bearer” Video

Thy Art Is Murder - Light Bearer

As we reported on earlier this week and alluded to in our interview from yesterdayThy Art Is Murder released a new track from their upcoming album Holy War for radio play, and audio rips quickly surfaced and were just as quickly taken down. Fear not though! Between new Ghost and new Thy Art Is Murder, maybe the Day Of Satan And Man really is upon us. That’s right, today is the evil day prophesied this past Wednesday: the day the dark heart of the Earth (dig that reference?) spews forth a new track from the Aussie heavyweight death metal/deathcore band. Dropping from the realm of pure evil and heavy Satanic imagery, the new song, “Light Bearer”, has landed in our world to destroy everything. Check it out after the jump.

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Ghost Betters Our Day By Providing Info About Their New Album

Ghost - Meliora

To add on to an ever-increasing pile of anticipated albums is 2015, Ghost (also known as Ghost B.C., because copyrights) has announced more details about their new record. It seems that, to no one’s surprise, the gothic progressive rock band is following up their 2013 album Infestissumam with more of the trademark mix of Satanic and occult aesthetics combined with doom-y prog rock sound that many have grown to love. Check out more about the album after the jump.

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Witness The “Glory” Of Vattnet Viskar’s Upcoming Album, Settler


New Hampshire post-black metallers Vattnet Viskar have left little to the imagination when it comes to their upcoming release, Settler. Though the LP’s release is still nearly three weeks away (closer to a month, if you live in Europe!), the band have now released over half of the album’s tracks to keep fans sated. The fifth, “Glory,” made its debut yesterday morning and is accompanied by yet another kaleidoscopic visual journey crafted by multimedia artist and director, Josh Graham.

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Hope Drone Detail Relapse Debut, Stream New Track

hope drone 2015

Australian blackened sludge metal act (and appropriately named) Hope Drone are one of our favorite up-and-coming and relatively unknown artists here at Heavy Blog. The group’s 2013 self titled and self-released record Hope Drone impressed us so much that we begged asked the group to be a part of our inaugural compilation download, Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume One. Criminally unknown as they are, we weren’t the only ones to take notice; the group signed a deal with extreme metal mecca Relapse Records last year.

Now the results of this partnership are beginning to come to fruition as the band have announced their new opus Cloak of Ash, which will see release this summer. Accompanying this announcement is a stream of the nine-minute epic “Every End Is Fated In Its Beginning.” Read up on Cloak of Ash and get a glimpse of greatness to come after the jump.

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Stream Pyrrhon’s New EP, Growth Without End, Right Now!


Hey you! Do you want really nasty, noisy, grindy technical death metal? Because, wow, do we have something for you. Experimental techdeath extraordinaires Pyrrhon have put their new EP, Growth Without End, up to stream on bandcamp. And man, are these guys crazy. With a musical ethos that bridges the disparate ends of grindcore and technical death metal, fusing Napalm Death with Gorguts into quite possibly the world’s most eclectic, not to mention heaviest, sound, Pyrrhon are a dark cloud of insanity captured in sonic form.

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Squeegee Clean Your Third Eye And Join Ecstatic Vision On An “Astral Plane”


While A Life Once Lost may no longer be a thing (I’m nearly over their breakup, nearly), guitarist Doug Sabolick is keeping the jams flowing with his new musical endeavor Ecstatic Vision. The thick, belching riffs and sandpaper rough vocals are no longer his forté however, as evidenced on “Astral Plane”. The newest track to be released from the upcoming Relapse release, Sonic Praise, is a twelve minute dive into psychedelic, bleary eyed shaman song. Sit back, clear your mind and get on over the metaphysical jump to enjoy this hearty dose of hallucinogenic harmony.

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Soilwork to Embark on The Ride Majestic

Soilwork - The Ride Majestic

As should surprise no one, we here at Heavy Blog are very big fans of the Swedish harbingers of death known as Soilwork. Their previous studio album, the 2013 double-sided magnum opus The Living Infinite [review], received near-perfect marks from us, with good reason.

So we were more than delighted to see that the band have officially announced a new album! The sure-to-be masterpiece is called The Ride Majestic, and it’s due out later this year. Check out more info after the jump!

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“Françafrique” Conjures the First Shred of Doubt in Refused’s Comeback Record Freedom


Despite the excitement over Refused‘s upcoming comeback record Freedom, there have been equally as many fans who are expressing doubt regarding the album. Some have questioned whether reuniting has defiled the band’s original principles, while others have pointed out the extremely daunting task of following up such a monstrous record as The Shape of Punk to Come. While Freedom‘s lead single “Elektra” (stream here) was an excellent slab of classic Refused aggression, the album’s latest released track “Françafrique” pales in comparison and is an all-around embarrassing track to be bearing the Refused name. Head past the jump to stream the blunder:

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