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Metal video megasite Metal Injection just did something that is really cool. Building on the staff’s experiences with livestreams, podcasts, and hosting radio professionally (Rob’s got his own show on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal), Metal Injection have launched their new feature Metal Injection FM. It’s a pretty awesome idea for sure, playing a spectrum of new and “old” metal from all relevant genres as well as syndicating a selection of podcasts, including Relapse Records, Hand Ov Doom, Return to the Pit, and of course, the Metal Injection Livecast.

The site is still in beta at the moment and I am experiencing issues with actually connecting to the stream, but I really like this idea and could see myself using it regularly. Hopefully as they grow and move forward with Metal Injection FM, they can get an even greater variety of shows and music available. I have my hopes on Full Metal Jackie, myself.

Check it out for yourself and look at the schedule. You may not be able to connect, but that’s what beta’s for. Gotta work out the kinks!

[via Metalsucks]

– JR

On my routine rounds of metal blogs today I noticed that the always spectacular Grind To Death and American Aftermath blogs have teamed up to bring you a brand new compilation showcasing the best that modern grind has to offer, which gave me the chance to start my day a collection of crusty quickies. Awesome.

Looking through the 69(!) tracks, there’s a good mix of established acts such as Brutal Truth, Kill The Client, Fuck The Facts, Rotten Sound, as well as newer acts that I’ve really been digging lately like Robocop, Hoglust and Livet Som Insats. Also, as far as I can tell it includes an offering from every band on the Grindcore Karaoke roster, so you’ll be getting a good foothold in a sea of free grind and powerviolence releases as well. Either way, if you’re a fan of the faster things in life you really can’t lose!

Head over to either American Aftermath or Grind To Death to download your copy now. After the jump I’ve copied and pasted the track listing because lord knows I’m not rewriting out sixty-nine artist and song names!

– DL

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Well of of course you did, you bunch of elitist hipster douchebags.

I keed, I keed! Still, based on our own poll, a lot of you thought #25 – #2 were fairly off the mark, in terms of order if not inclusion. I’m not sure what you thought of the #1 – David ‘David Davidson’ Davidson of Revocation (not Kirk Hammet, for those of you who got trolled) – but I’m sure many of you will have disagreed.

Ever the diplomatic advocates, V-Man and Rosie are giving YOU bunch of dirty dicksneezes the chance to put the internets to rights by voting on the reader’s poll version, the rules of which are as follows:

Step 1) Decide who your favorite modern metal guitarist is. Remember that only candidates who have recorded and released new material within the past five years are eligible.

Step 2) Search the comments of this post for your choice (Apple-F on a Mac, Control-F on a PC).

Step 3) If your favorite modern metal guitarist is already listed, hit the “reply” button underneath and simply post “+1″ as your comment. If your favorite modern metal guitaristis not listed yet, add him, making sure you that you’ve spelled his name correctly.

You only get one vote, so use yours wisely. I’ve cast mine (see if you can find it – remember, that’s ‘Disinformasiya’ with a capital ‘D’ and a ‘y’ in Asia), and now it’s your turn. Don’t forget to troll those who didn’t read the rules by leaving them a disparaging comment – it is the proper etiquette after all.

– CG


As many of you will know, masters of all that is metal (or a stoner’s approximation of, at least) Metalsucks have been counting down a list of who they (the staff) consider to be the top 25 modern metal guitarists. Of those I know, I’ve agreed with the vast majority of inclusions, and by the time this goes to press, there should only be the number one slot left to be announced – on Monday I would presume, thanks to Labor Day this Monday just gone.

So with this weekend break in mind, we want you to don your deerstalkers and tell us, based on who has already been mentioned, who you think will be – or who you think deserves – the number one slot from Axl, Vince and co.

For your convenience, I’ve listed the entries so far below, but I’d highly recommend reading the series – they make some damn good points regarding their choices.

Sound off in the comments!

- CG

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Not to be outdone by Lord Jibbles, I myself have now also contributed to That’s Not Metal’s Violation series, in which all that is holy (and hence unmetal) is hogtied on the traintracks of the internet and run over by the proverbial train of the writers’ wit.

My foe was simple: the falseness known only as Hard Rock. My wit was razor sharp. Go see, and stick around whilst you’re there – they’re a funny bunch of dudes.

- CG

Whilst we like to think we have all the best ideas, we do like to give credit where credit’s due – and when our bro in metal Quigs from The Number of the Blog told me about this idea, I was pretty excited.

The concept was this: once a month he’ll have four different musicians ‘sitting down’ over Skype to discuss various issues to do with music. Rather than the old blogcasts that tended to get lengthy and we weren’t even sure anyone was listening to them, this has focus, meaning, and a lot of potential.

The first episode was recorded last weekend, and after many mind-boggling hours editing, is now available for your listening pleasure.

The first batch features a couple of Heavy Blog favourites in Justin Gosnell of Vestascension and Steven Henningsgard of Iron Thrones, as well as Sacha Laskow of Enditol, Divinity and Walk As Chaos, and the ever hilarious Brent Petrie, a solo musician with a funny remark for everything.

You can get the inaugural episode from TNOTB right here, and make sure to leave any comments or potential questions for the next batch in their comments section!

– CG

If you’ve been on That’s Not Metal at all today (LIKE YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN!), you may have noticed that I contributed a guest post in their Violation series, in which all that is in violation of metal gets picked apart and made a bitch in front of the entire internet. Today, I took part in the calling out of violation and lashed out against those girls who claim that they “Listen to a Little Bit Of Everything.” It was fun to write, and I hope you will be at least mildly amused!

- JR


We’ve kicked around the idea of releasing a Heavy Comp Is Heavy download in the past, but a mixture of laziness and not having enough time or patience to bring such a project to fruition pulled that train of thought to a halt. We might still do it one day though—who knows?!

But you know who does have the time and patience to bring such a project to fruition? Our good friends at The Number Of The Blog, who compiled a whopping 18 tracks from various bands for your listening pleasure! Let’s see what we’ve got here:

1 – Cormorant – ‘Scavengers Feast’
2 – Returning We Hear The Larks – ‘Uprising’
3 – Enditol – ‘Monoculture’
4 – Tre Watson – ‘Spack Jarrow’ (previously unreleased)
5 – Iron Thrones – ‘Against The Grain’
6 – Robots Pulling Levers – ‘Sumati II’ (previously unreleased) (featuring George Richman of Hypnorock)
7 – A Walk With The Wicked – ‘Architects Of Sadism’
8 – Cloudkicker – ‘We’re Goin’ In. We’re Going Down.’
9 – Shades Of Devastation – ‘Art Of Agony’ (previously unreleased)
10 – Amogh Symphony – ‘Osiris 1′
11 – Giant Of The Mountain – ‘Awakening’ (previously unreleased)
12 – Keith Merrow – ‘Heart Of The Sea Nymph’ (featuring Jeff Loomis of Nevermore)
13 – Shaidar Logoth – ‘Mashiara Shai’tan’
14 – I’ll Eat Your Face – ‘Dr. Pancake’s Luxurious Ratskin Housecoat’
15 – Soul Cycle – ‘Rising Defiant’
16 – Cut Your Teeth – ‘T.W.H.W.Y.T.B.’
17 – Assimilated Mind Phase – ‘Breeding Insanity 2.0′ (previously unreleased remix)
18 – Brent A. Petrie – ‘Collapse/Conquer’ (previously unreleased)

Holy tits! That’s a lot of quality packed into one sampler. You can download/donate at bandcamp or get it on mediafire (which I would recommend if you don’t want to donate, as to not use up their bandcamp allowance of free downloads).

– JR

Having an emoticon in the post title is amateurish as can be, but this is sad news, so I’ll let it slide this time. Horns of the Devil, one of my favorite websites, has closed its doors this weekend due to a heavy workload. Apparently, it’s becoming a trend after Cosmo Lee decided to step away from Invisible Oranges and Grover from The Number Of The Blog being barred from the internet while at work. It’s all sad stuff, but I can sympathize; I’ve neglected quite a bit of school work to take care of business here at Heavy Blog. It’s always a drag when passionate people have to give up on their creative outlet to take care of their personal lives and careers. Needless to say, being a responsible adult sucks.

Here’s the final word, via Facebook:

It’s been a lot of fun, but then, a lot of work. Too much work, too little time, so I had to pull the plug. That being said, if anyone is interested to pick it up and keep it alive, I can give you the website’s source code along with the database. For privacy matters, I will delete user’s comments/email addresses, but everything else is backed up and ready to resurrect under a new management!

At any rate, there’s still some hope. Phil from Angry Metal Guy has expressed interest in taking over, so if he’s able to bring it back, it would definitely be in good hands! Hopefully he can make it work. I’m definitely interested in extending help as a contributor by compiling reviews and picking excerpts, so if any help is needed, be sure to hit me up at mail(at)heavyblogisheavy(dot)com!

[via That Devil Music]

– JR

That’s Not Metal, a fellow blog dedicated towards advancement of the metals, is basically the Maddox (who’s site is currently under a clever and spot-on April Fool’s makeover) of metal blogs. I tried my hand at the combination back when I ran my series “Things That Are Fucking Metal,” which gathered a lot of good feedback. Unfortunately, there’s only so much I could write about, as I’m not filled with as much hatred as is required. That’s Not Metal does it quite well though—better than my run with the style! Filled with both from the heart (and gut) observations and overblown metalness, the site’s tagline in “A Blog For The True Metal Elitist in All Of Us (Except the poseurs)” and the About section sums it up:

You are inferior. Your taste in music, the actions you take, and the way you present yourself all make you an inferior person in the eyes of true metal. That’s Not Metal is here to tell you why, and what you can do to better yourself and grow out of your unmetal ways in the pursuit of achieving True Metal Redemption.
Become superior; visit That’s Not Metal!

– JR

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