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“Drum and dulcimer-driven eco-terrorist black metal.” That’s certainly one way to describe Botanist, the one-man avant-garde project from Bay Area multi-instrumentalist Otrebor.

This latest track in the Botanist saga, titled “Stargazer,” will be making an appearance on the sixth upcoming release, IV: Flora, when it drops a couple of weeks into August. Hat tip to our friends at Tiny Mix Tapes for hosting the premiere of this incredibly haunting and beautiful track.

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Back in March, I reviewed Conquering Dystopia’s debut self titled album, and gave it a very deserving 4.5/5. The duo of guitar hero Jeff Loomis with Internet star Keith Merrow is a winning combination and when you throw in death metal legend, Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster and Alex Rudinger on drums you’ve got one of the most gifted line ups in modern metal. Going along with Keith’s tradition of posting playthrough videos, he and Jeff have done just that for the excellent track ‘Tethys’, and you can find it below.


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In the day and age of videos like Cattle Decapitation‘s ‘Forced Gender Reassignment’, nothing is shocking anymore. Still, Austria’s blackened death metal warriors Belphegor dropped an appropriately unsettling video yesterday with enough blood, horror, and Satan to entertain the whole family! The video features the title track off latest Nuclear Blast offering ‘Conjuring the Dead’, due out August 5th (NA), 8th (EU), and 11th (UK/FR).

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Industrial EDM group Combichrist recently announced a 22-date tour across North America beginning in Florida and ending in Kentucky. Darksiderz and Davey Suicide will be tagging along in support, but not Blood on the Dance Floor! The Florida electropop duo came under heavy fire from Combichrist fans and, well, the band listened and, as such, have announced that Blood on the Dance Floor will no longer be on the tour. Statement and tour dates beyond the cut.

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Scale the Summit are one of my favorite bands out there, instrumental or not. Blending post-rock, djent and insane technicality, their music is addicting in a way that is unparalleled in the genre. While I was inducted into their greatness by The Migration, their second album, Carving Desert Canyons, is an important album, deserving of its place in the history of the band. Apparently, the album is turning five this year and to celebrate, the band will be pressing it to vinyl for the first time. Check out the full announcement after the jump!

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A while ago, Damien told you to go listen to Set and Setting. I was a reader back then and I, like the loyal fan that I am, followed suit. What engulfed my ears on that day was one of the reasons I became a regular reader of Heavy Blog. Equanimity, the previous release by post-metal fanatics Set and Setting, is a masterpiece. I would not be exaggerating then when I say that I am literally at the edge of my seat for their next release. Now, we can finally get a taste of what we can expect. Head on over the jump and check it out!

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a389 mixtape

The powers that be have sought to darken and destroy what ever happy, summer feelings you might be experiencing just now. A389 Recordings have just released a colossal mixtape featuring 54 tracks from the world of metal and hardcore and it is quite possibly the best mixtape ever created. Forget the tape you got from your high school crush that had some serious heavy petting tunes on it, this is 54 tracks of grime, grind, gore and savage rage. The kind that is as satisfying as it is dangerous for your health. View Full Article »


Combining mathcore and jazz fusion elements with obtuse blackened tones a la Deathspell Omega, New York-based outfit Castevet is a band not many are familiar with, but should be. Last year’s Obsian was under-publicized but highly praised, culminating in a gig at the high-profile Maryland Deathfest. If you missed their last album cycle, then you’ve already missed the boat, because they’ve just announced that the band have called it quits.

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uneven structure the scent

French progressive metal band Uneven Structure released one of my favorite albums of all time in 2011. Februus is a back to front masterpiece, taking the Meshuggah-lead djent movement and pushing it into the ethereal with cinematic soundscapes and an overall sense of wonder and passion. To me, the record is perfect, which is why three years feels like an eternity when it comes to waiting on a follow-up. The guys in Uneven Structure understand this, and they’ve been kind enough to hand us a scrap of new music in the form of a guitar playthrough of a 20-second segment of a new song, ‘The Scent.’

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Canadian tech/prog death up-and-comers Beyond Creation are on the fast track to universal adoration from the metal community — if only more people heard of them! Their debut album The Aura was one of the greatest albums from 2011, and in my opinion, the best death metal album we heard the whole year. Initially self-released, the band quickly got snatched up by Season of Mist for the album’s re-release and an impending sophomore album.

At long last, the first new track from the group has been made available in the form of ‘Elusive Reverence,’ and it’s everything you would have hoped for.

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