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New Face Joins The Faceless

TheFacelessWelcomeA little while ago, Michael Keene was left deserted, the sole member of his technical death metal band, The Faceless. Yesterday that changed, with the announcement that he was joined by none other than Justin McKinney, lead guitarist and creative force behind fellow techdeath band The Zenith Passage. View Full Article »


A while ago, we urged you to help make the Seven Year Storm, brainchild of one Sean Lang, happen. We’re very pleased to say that the dream became a reality and not two days ago, Mr. Lang was able to release the EP to the world! And it’s brilliant. Of course it’s brilliant, we told you it would be. Sean blends styles ranging from post-rock and adventure prog a-la Scale the Summit, with more defined passages in the veins of Between the Buried and Me. Head on over the jump for your first taste!

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Even after getting to sit down and chat with Barney Greenway from Napalm Death a few weeks ago, I still had a lot of questions about the band’s furious and incredible new record, Apex Predator – Easy Meat. It’s no secret that Napalm have been an intensely topical, political, and humanitarian band over the years, but with their breakneck speeds and animalistic vocal delivery sometimes their ideas can be a bit hard to decipher. Luckily, Century Media Records has just released a track-by-track analysis of every single track on the new album! Check it out below:

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The latest in D’Addario Canada’s Warehouse Jamz series is a must-see for percussion enthusiasts and Protest the Hero fans alike. As if it wasn’t already bad-ass enough for Father Henry Carr Percussion to cover the Volition banger ‘Clarity’ (was personally pretty stoked on this when it first surfaced a couple of weeks ago), D’Addario brought in Mike Ieradi to take the bad-assery to a whole new level. Check it out after the jump!

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If you aren’t keeping tabs on The Room Colored Charlatan, I really don’t know what to tell you, other than to get on it. They’re a simply fantastic deathcore band, incredible because of the way they flawlessly combine ambient synths, groovy progressive deathcore writing, and an almost Russian Circles-level ability to write dynamic and grooving songs centered around simple riffs.

Their LP last year, Primitives, enraptured a few of us here at Heavy Blog (scope Matt’s review here), and we’ve been waiting with baited breath for news from them. Yesterday, The Room Colored Charlatan put out a new track, ‘Introspection’, and it’s a doozy. It carries their signature sound, starting with a simple riff and quickly building up through some harsh sections coupled with valleys of ambience and soft vocals, eventually reaching an incredible climax and slowly spiraling back down into nothingness, even ending with some chimes (!!!!!).

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Unique Leader is a label that has a lot on their hands nowadays. After seeing the success of Fallujah’s The Flesh Prevails last year, and Ovid’s Withering’s critically-acclaimed Scryers of the Ibis the year before, they’ve got quite a few fantastic bands on their roster releasing albums this year. One of said bands is WRVTH (aka the band formerly known as Wrath of Vesuvius), who will be releasing their third full-length self-titled album this June. Rather than release a full single though, the band has provided a sampler of track excerpts throughout the album. Get a sense of what this thing is going to sound like after the jump. View Full Article »


While they’ve been steady releasing snippets of new material, Entheos has been at work on their debut EP, and will be entitled Primal. The band has also decided on a release date, which will be on March 15th! Looks like we’re only a few weeks away from the closest we’ll get to an Animosity reunion. The group does feature Evan Brewer, Navene Koperweis and Frank Costa, after all. Head on over the jump for more details on upcoming shows!

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Obscura 2015

At long last, German technical and progressive death metallers Obscura will be closing a four year gap since their last album Omnivium later this year. The group are wrapping up work on their yet to be titled fourth studio album, with studio time booked this April with frequent collaborator V. Santura at Dreamsound Studios. Their label Relapse Records are preparing for a late 2015 release. It’s finally happening, and not a moment too soon!

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Machine Head recently went on a solo tour across North America just after the release of the highly revered Bloodstone & Diamonds [review]. According to the band, the February 20th and 21st performances at The Regent Theater in Los Angeles and the set at The Grand Ballroom at The Regency Center in San Francisco, CA were recorded for an upcoming live DVD release.

Here are the supposed setlists that fans have cobbled together.

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For the first time in 20 years, Soundgarden dug deep into their old catalog and brought back “Birth Ritual,” the 1992 single from the film Singles. This performance at Australia’s Soundwave Festival is said to be only the second time they’ve performed the song live, having it first appear way back when in 1992, but they have put it into their live sets at further Soundwave appearances.

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