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Having wrapped up a monumental (heh heh) tour with the mighty Animals as Leaders and The Devin Townsend Project, Monuments are hard at work promoting their latest album, The Amanuensis [review] with more live shows on the horizon and even playthrough videos, brought to you by MESA Engineering.

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Much to our mutual dismay, we have largely ignored covering the Chicago-based prog aficionados Dissona. Hell, even digging through our inbox we discovered that they wanted us to cover their album back in September of last year and it went unread. Oops! Still, we managed to give them a little face time on Heavy Blog when Leprous had their first US tour ever (sponsored by us!) and Dissona was right there opening for them on the Chicago date.

We’re rectifying old mistakes, though, and here to tell that Dissona is great.

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Periphery Alpha Video

Periphery have dropped their highly anticipated albums Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega for all of the world to hear, so the next logical step was to release a music video. They decided to use the title track from the first album in the two-part series, ‘Alpha.’ Considering that it’s my favorite track from the two releases, I’m not complaining. It also has a life-changing concept behind it. Make sure to check it out after the jump.

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slipknot summers last stand 2015

Just last week, Slipknot announced a run of North American tour dates with supporting act Hatebreed and I expressed a certain level of incredulity that the band would be touring much more in the United States in 2015, as the band tends to make a habit of disappearing fairly quickly. Fortunately my doubts became unfounded as the group have announced a fairly extensive headlining trek from July through September with supporting acts Lamb of God (!!!!), Bullet For My Valentine, and Motionless in White. Get dates below.

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dephosphorus haapoja split

Dephosphorus are avant-garde black metallers hailing from Greece, and their last album received its fair share of plays on my end. We’re fans of the band’s work, specifically because their music is psychedelic and visceral, in a way that can only be described as controlled chaos. After the release of their most recent LP, 2013’s Ravenous Solemnity, the band are getting prepared to release a split with Haapoja, a band with its own specific style of chaos that combines hardcore-style vocals with black metal, making for quite the combination.

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gost behemoth

Thanks to Blood Music’s increasingly diversified roster of artists signed to the label, many metalheads became accustomed to the sounds of retrofuturistic electronic music thanks to the release of Perturbator‘s Dangerous Days. Interestingly enough, even though they’re an avant garde/progressive extreme metal label at heart and spirit, Dangerous Days quickly became the underground Finnish label’s most sought-after and fastest selling releases. Go figure!

In 2015, the label hopes to continue the trend of bait-and-switching metal fans into checking out electronic artists with yet another tongue-in-cheek 80’s throwback by way of GosT‘s upcoming record Behemoth. This week, details emerged about the Michigan-based “slasherwave” act’s hotly anticipated record, including the eye-catching artwork above. Get details and a sneak peak at the record after the jump.

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Cult of Luna

Sweden’s Cult of Luna may have announced just over a year ago that they’d be going on hiatus, but they left things pretty open-ended. In their December 2013 statement, they stated that “Maybe we’ll release another album next year or maybe in a decade we honestly don’t know. Sooner or later we will return in one form or another.” Well, there doesn’t seem to be any new music on the horizon, but the post-metal behemoths have announced a few dates in North America this May!

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a forest of stars

A Forest Of Stars are one of the most talented black/folk/progressive/whatever-you-want-to-call-them bands out there. Their last album A Shadowplay For Yesterdays received praise across the board, and much of our staff agreed that it was definitely an album you’d not want to miss. Now the band are gearing up to release a new album, and are streaming their new song ‘Drawing Down The Rain’ to get us hyped for it. Check it out after the jump!

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Shame on us for not posting about Sumac earlier, because this band needs to be on your radar. Sumac was started by Aaron Turner of Isis and Old Man Gloom fame along with (insane) Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn and bassist Brian Cook of Russian Circles and Botch out of a desire to create really heavy music once more, and if ‘Blight’s End Angel’ is any indication, I’d say they’ve succeeded. Check it out after the jump.

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In 2015, legendary rock band Faith No More will be releasing their first album in 18 years, and we can hardly contain our tentative excitement. Since their reunion in 2010, the band have only played one-off shows and made a few festival appearances, mostly in Europe. Now, the group have finally mapped out a proper North American tour in support of the impending release of their as of yet untitled comeback record. Get dates below!

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