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The potentially one-and-only Cloudkicker tour is just about halfway through its course, and people are reporting back that the Intronaut-backed live act is totally on-point. This tour is obviously a must-see, but the reality is that the tour dates aren’t all that extensive, leaving many fans missing out. Fortunately, band leader Mr. Ben Sharp is well aware of this, and he’s doing everything he can to make sure the tour is well documented, including plans for a potential live album.

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black monolith

Did you know that Deafheaven frontman George Clarke founded a record label called All Black Recording Company? It’s true! The label’s debut release even keeps it in the family with Black Monolith, a one man atmospheric black metal and crust punk project founded by regular Deafheaven touring guitarist Gary Bettencourt. His debut album Passenger is available for streaming, and so far, it’s getting a bit of acclaim from across the web!

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in flames siren charms

I hate to shout “CALLED IT” when I made absolutely no public acknowledgement of yesterday’s news about In Flames‘ website being hacked, but right away I thought the whole thing stank of publicity stunt, so I decided to hold off on any news posts on the matter until something more substantial happened. As it turns out, my hunch appears to be correct and the “hacked” website was either a attempt to get attention for the band’s new album announcement or management dealt with the real problem swiftly and silently, fighting back with the valuable announcement themselves. Either way we all took notice and it worked. So here’s some info about the new In Flames record, titled Siren Charms.

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dillinger happiness is a smile

As a vinyl collector and a massive fan of The Dillinger Escape Plan, I was pretty bummed that the group’s new single ‘Happiness Is A Smile’ was going to be released exclusively on vinyl through the band’s merch table during their latest run of dates with Trash Talk, Retox, and SHINING. The tour was coming nowhere close to home, so I just assumed it wasn’t meant to be.

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ryan van poederooyen devin townsend project

By now we should all be well aware of the dangers of attending and playing shows without proper ear protection. Long-term exposure to high volume and harsh frequencies can lead to Tinnitus, a permanent ringing of the ears coupled with partial hearing loss. It’s not a matter of “being a wimp” at metal shows — cases of tinnitus have been documented as being so severe that people have committed suicide in order to escape the ringing. I try to bring ear plugs to shows when I can, but at the end of the day, it simply feels better when walking out of a show and not feeling like I have cotton jammed in my ears for hours afterwards.

Don’t just take it from me: more and more professional musicians are advocating for proper hearing protection and tinnitus awareness. Devin Townsend Project drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen is the latest musician to urge fans to wear ear plugs, going as far as announcing that he now experiences tinnitus after years of playing.

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boris noise

Eccentric Japanese rockers Boris are both prolific and incredibly diverse. When they’re not collaborating with Sunn O))) and Merzbow while trailblazing drone and doom metal, they can be seen crafting artsy pop music. Such is the life of a Japanese rock band.

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revocation metal blade

Well here’s a surprise! Revocation, long time alumni at Relapse Records, have moved on, announcing that they have signed with Metal Blade Records.

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southern darkness fest

I don’t know if it’s the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon at work here, but I’m starting to notice more and more metal festivals popping up in the United States. There are regional “deathfests” all over the place, with Baltimore’s Maryland Deathfest being the most infamous. This week alone, Deathwish, Inc announced their first ever two-day festival featuring their artists and related acts, and now we’ve got another potential locale for travel in Southern Darkness Festival, which takes place August 23rd in Ybor City, Florida.

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the drip

Recent Relapse signees The Drip have come through with a substantial offering of grisly grindcore by the name of A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics. Our friends at American Aftermath have secured a full stream of the EP, and it is gnarly. If you’re in the market for grind a la Nasum and Rotten Sound, then The Drip should treat you quite nicely.

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as i lay dying

People have been doing a whole lot of speculating as of late in regards to the status of As I Lay Dying, who have been in a bit of a limbo after Tim Lambesis’ public arrest and trial. It also doesn’t help that members of As I Lay Dying have been not-so-subtly teasing a new project, allegedly by the name Worshipper. Given this new surge of interest and activity, the group issued an update via their official website, alluding to Tim’s activity, faith (or lack thereof?), and the group’s new project.

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