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distorted harmony

It’s been almost a year since I’ve started writing for Heavy Blog and in that time, I’ve brought you a few tastes of my local scene here in Israel. It’s not the largest scene or one that’s enjoyed widespread recognition, but it has its strengths: sporting a host of young bands, there are many live shows and the word is starting to spread abroad as well. Riding on the success enjoyed by Orphaned Land, the most successful metal band to come out of Israel, many smaller groups have toured the Europe route.

One of the least well traveled bands however are also one of the best. They are Distorted Harmony and their brand of modern metal infused with progressive touches is addictive to say the least. We’ve covered their album but I felt like they could benefit from a closer resolution. And so, I present to you a joint feature: I got the chance to talk to Yoav Efron, the man behind the keys, and Guy Landau, the wizard at the guitar AND to see the band live. What follows is a review of that live show, where the band played both their albums back to back, interspersed with our interview. Head on over the jump!

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English metalcore outfit Asking Alexandria were presented with a highly tempting offer yesterday in the form of an “audition” courtesy of Protest the Hero frontman Rody Walker. It seems the self-proclaimed stay-at-home-boyfriend is making excellent use of down time (when he’s not busy cleaning, of course) following the end of the Volition tour cycle last month, as this audition comes as the latest in a series of informative(?) videos shot from the comfort of his newly-obtained suburban abode.

Check it out after the jump.

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With Vicky Psarakis on vocals now, there’s no stopping Canada’s The Agonist. Our friends over at Bloody Disgusting have premiered a new music video for “My Witness, Your Victim” from the upcoming album Eye of Providence.

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I love getting good news and it doesn’t get much better than this: one of the best post metal bands, Minsk, have announced a 2015 release titled The Crash and The Draw. Sporting such influences as Isis and Neurosis, Minsk have this psychedelic air I’ve been really missing. Head on over the jump for the full release post from Relapse Records!

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Just last week in regards to the announcement that Relapse Records’ had signed Graves at Sea, I said that the celebrated underground metal label’s “release plans for the year have been swelling seemingly by the week” and that their roster is growing to further establish the label’s dominance of the doom metal genre. Well, here we are another week into 2015 and we have another doom metal band joining the Relapse ranks!

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rwake xenoglossalgia

Next month, experimental doom outfit Rwake will be reissuing a remastered version of their 1998 demo Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness through Relapse Records. By the very nature of this sort of release, it’s a given that the original demo has been floating around and available for all who care to hear for some time now. This time around though, Xenoglossalgia has been granted a facelift in the form of a fresh mastering job from Audiosige’s Brad Boatright, whose credits include releases from Sleep, NAILS, Yob, and more.

We’ve heard a cut from the record’s epic-length ‘Calibos/So Fucking Tired‘ but since then, we’ve been dying to hear more. Fortunately Relapse Records have unveiled yet another taste of Xenoglossalgia’s remastered audio with the track ‘Nagarachi,’ which you can hear after the jump.

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We have recently become pretty big fans of Dethlehem, feeling fairly strongly about their latest album, Destroyers of the Realm [review], which is a pretty good time all the way through. Hell, it’s even available as low as zero dollars, because the band hate piracy that much. Why not, right?

The D&D-core boys from Pennsylvania have a new music video for you from that album, though! “Mystic Island” is the track, and the video was produced by the legendary Jens Bogren, known for his work with standout acts like Opeth and the insurmountably cheesy DragonForce.

And, oh man, you need to see this.

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Most people know Mikey Powell as the very Deathcore vocalist for Conducting from the Grave. Now Mikey is out with a very different side project, an innovative new label, and a message for metal fans of all stripes. Listen and learn more after the jump.

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Chicago’s Outrun the Sunlight are basically taking over the winter, having released the stellar Terrapin [review] before the holidays, provided us with a video for “The Pace of Glaciers,” and now a playthrough video for “Where Every Word Spoke, Speaks”?

Be still our collective heart.

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Avant garde black metal legends Dodheimsgard (also known as DHG) will be releasing their first album in eight years this March and it’s promising to be plenty weird. The band’s psychedelic take on black metal has paved the way for many oddities in underground music, and the band seems to have every intention on continuing their work in the furtherance of the experimental.

Following last week’s announcement detailing A Umbra Omega, the group have shared a two-minute clip from the 15-minute ‘Aphelion Void’, and while it’s difficult to judge a 68 minute record on such a short clip, what we’re hearing dials back on the industrial influences. Give the sample a stream after the jump.

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