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poll-resultsAll this week we’ve been posting the results of our staff poll of the best releases of 2014. Find out your choices for Album of the Year and an aggregated Top 25 of Reader choices after the jump.

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Every year, Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas brings together some of the best acts in rock, hip-hop, comedy, and action sports. With a lineup as diverse as theirs, it’d be pretty impractical for a niche blog to cover everything, but the hardcore and metal presence across the fest’s three days is enough to draw our attention! Photographer Maclyn Bean flew out from Philly to Austin to cover the fest, and you can catch select day three photos below, featuring This Will Destroy You, Iron Reagan, Thundercat, Deafheaven, Chelsea Wolfe, and Flying Lotus!

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This second home of mine that you’ll frequent on a regular basis gave me my first Slice (of) The Cake way back when The Man With No Face reared its pretty head. At the time I was veering sharply from deathcore and anything I deemed similar to it. This changed after repeat listens of the international “bedroom” bands first foray into recorded music. A couple of years (and another solid record) later and I get to announce, on the very same blog that opened my eyes to these guys, that the band have announced the release of their grandest work to date. Get more details after the hop.

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Having toured with Animals as Leaders and Conquering Dystopia earlier this year, CHON were riding high with that and the release of their EP, WooHoo!.

Now, to keep that good feeling going, the young men are excited to announce that they’ve signed to Sumerian Records where tourmates Animals as Leaders reside, as well as major acts like Periphery, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and more.

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Djent Rolls Deep 2

We all know that as metal fans, you want to listen to rap without all that stuff that makes it rap. We’ve got you all figured out, metal dudes. All jokes aside, if you like genre bending and djent covers, we have the compilation for you! Djent Rolls Deep 2 dropped today and is available for free download and streaming on Bandcamp. Mix some codeine and sprite in a Styrofoam cup, put on your jesus piece with the yellow diamonds and check out these covers after the jump.

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The drumming sensation that is Krimh has been mentioned in the past in relation to many bands and open spots, including for example, Slipknot. Now it seems as if the monstrous talent behind the kit is finally ready to tie the knot, as it has been announced today that he will be joining the ranks of none other than giants Septicflesh. Head on over the jump for the full release!

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Here we are, once again, facing a Periphery track from their upcoming double album, Juggernaut. This one comes to us from Alpha and I have to be frank with you: I love it. It’s so much better than the other tracks, which I did not care for all that much. This has dynamics, it kicks and bucks and it goes places. Head on over the jump to stop reading my two-bit opinion and listen to the song!

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With the advent of Z2 in each of its halves—Sky Blue and Dark MattersThe Devin Townsend Project rocket ever forward onto huge, musical things. We can all admit that Devin Townsend is an unstoppable force in our world, but with Inside Out Music and Century Media in his corner, his power is immense. Much like Ziltoid, honestly.

That said, we are now blessed with a music video for Dark Matters‘ “March of the Poozers,” the part of the new Ziltoid tale where the Poozers rally together and invade Earth under the guide of the now-upset Queen Blattaria. But you know, maybe listen to the album to get the whole story. Please enjoy and be terrified by the lyric video. And I even made you some wallpapers!

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Image courtesy of Tom Couture

Do you like riffs, feedback, meaty drums and more and more and more riffs? Then this news should be hitting its mark: High On Fire are not only going to record a new album this year, they’ll also be doing it with none other than Kurt Ballou. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s going to be loud, fast and sludgy. The band will also be hitting the road in 2015, head on over the jump for the full dates.

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If These Trees Could Talk is one of the best post-rock bands of recent years. It’s no secret I’m a fan of the genre and thus I’ve been expecting more news about them for a while now. Luckily, good news has now surfaced: apparently the band have signed with Metal Blade records! That makes me very happy as Metal Blade are an excellent label, with a history free of bullshit and laden with good releases. Head on over the jump to read the full press release. Rejoice!

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