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Shadows Fall

It’s not unusual for metal shows to start at 9:00 if you’re talking 9:00 p.m. but it was 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 9th, 2003 when Brian Fair, Jon Donais, Paul Romanko, Matt Bachand, and Jason Bittner aka Shadows Fall emerged onto the second stage at Ozzfest in Marysville, California and proved to me that without a doubt Nu-Metal was dead and the real metal music that I love was back with a vengeance. By that point the Shads had already been demonstrating their brand of metal to audiences in their native Western Massachusetts for eight long years but they were just emerging onto the national stage with the release of the epic album “The Art of Balance.” More details after the jump.

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Pinaos Become the Teeth - Keep You Cover

Remember that teaser that Pianos Become The Teeth posted the other day? Of course you do! That was just a snippet of the first single from the bands Epitaph Records debut, Keep You, which will be released on October 28th of this year. The best part about this announcement? They gave us the full song that the teaser was pulled from; it’s called “Repine” and it will tear you apart emotionally. Have your tissues ready before you check the song after the jump.

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abysmal dawn obsolescence

Man, there’s so much new music being released in the coming months, it’s hard to keep up! To add yet another anticipated release to the list, up-and-coming death metallers Abysmal Dawn have premiered a track from their upcoming fourth studio album, Obsolescence. The song is called “Inanimate“, and it’s one groovy freight train of a death metal jam. Listen after the jump.

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the hell metalcore

THE HELL are the greatest act of satire in all of extreme music, and we at Heavy Blog love them dearly. The anonymous act write and perform some of the most ignorant and hateful music around while skewering the entirety of metal and hardcore on their often always hilarious Facebook page. The latest and greatest outlandish act of hatred from THE HELL comes in the form of frontman Nails’ open letter to metalcore, recently published by Metal Hammer. Check it out below.

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anaal nathrakh desideratum

Elusive blackened grindcore duo Anaal Nathrakh have finally announced the details of their Metal Blade debut, Desideratum. Meaning “something needed or wanted,” the album must clearly be self aware because an Anaal Nathrakh release is exactly what 2014 needs. Get details and a brand new track, titled ‘Idol‘, below.

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Haste the day

Hot on the heels of announcing they were reforming, Haste The Day kicked off one of the latest in a slew of successful crowdfunding campaigns. Even with a hefty $65,000 goal, the campaign took only 8 days to meet it’s target, and the support is still coming in. They now have some stretch goals set up, but the rewards seem somewhat lacking, other than the possibility of a documentary, which would be cool. Despite a varying level of quality throughout their 5-disc discography, it’s no surprise that there are many fans out there willing to support the notion of these guys getting back together after they’ve been inactive since their farewell tour back in 2011. Now fans will be getting what they want though, with a new album set to come out next year. View Full Article »

the contortionist language video

With the release of The Contortionist‘s highly anticipated new album Language fast approaching, the group have shared a beautiful new music video for the leading single, ‘Language I: Intuition.’ Presented by Alt Press, you can watch the video after the jump.

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Hold on to your sound systems readers because it doesn’t get more crushing than this. YOB are now streaming their new album, Clearing the Path to Ascend, in full over at the good folks at Pitchfork. Needless to say, this album is chock full of spaced-out riffs and repetitions that pull you deeper and deeper on the shaman’s path. Bring assorted occult instruments and mind-altering substances after the jump for your first listen.

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White Arms of Athena

At long last, our friends in White Arms of Athena are poised to release White Arms of Athena, the Kurt Ballou produced follow-up to their celebrated 2011 debut album Astrodrama. We’re pleased to announce the full details of the release, which is sure to be a stand-out record among the current wave of progressive and psychedelic music.

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code orange i am kingThe long, grueling wait is finally over! Code Orange are streaming their brand new record I am King through YouTube. If you like getting insanely angry and carving phrases into your forehead, then you definitely need to hear this. The coronation is after the jump.

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