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djent rolls deep

Everyone loves a cover song. Most of your favorite bands have probably recorded or, at the very least, played a live cover of a song they love. Djent Rolls Deep is a free(!) compilation from The Djent-lemans Club that amalgamates over twenty djentspired cover versions and “remixes” of hip-hop and rap tracks and, well, it’s free so you have no reason not to give it a shot! As a consumer of both metal and hip-hop I can’t put across how much you need to hear Macklemore and Ryan Lewis‘Can’t Hold Us’ beefed up with an almighty 8-string bump’n’grind.

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cloudkicker - subsume

Of course today’s first news post is for the new Cloudkicker album!

This passing Saturday (9/14), Cloudkicker dropped another brilliant new album in his already impressive enough discography with Subsume. This album acts as a very all-encompassing album, combining the sounds of the polyrhythmic metal from earlier works with the newer post-rock and fuzzy Smashing Pumpkins sort of sound heard on Fade.

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The accuracy of that title totally depends on your tolerance for Korn during their Untouchables-era, so if you’ve always thrown Korn under the bus for contributing to the rise of nu-metal, then by all means, you will not like this song. For the rest of us raised on the group, this new track is more along the lines of what we’re wanting to hear.

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pig destroyer

Book Burner was a pretty interesting record in terms of how it was received. I wouldn’t call it controversial, but there was a surprising amount of people suggesting it lacked the same spark that Phantom Limb had even taking into account the necessary 5% of fans that always think previous work is better. Regardless, I loved it and am always excited about hearing new material from the band, which is exactly what we have here in ‘The Octagonal Stairway‘, a new track released through the Adult Swim Singles Series.

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binary code

Remember The Binary Code?! Just last week I was at my parents’ house and was going through some old things of mine that I left behind. I came across a limited edition hand-made copy of their last effort Priest EP, which was released back in 2010. During that time, their sound was very progressive metalcore/deathcore esque, fitting comfortably on the ears of fans of early Between the Buried and Me. I thought to myself, “woah, whatever happened to this band? Are they even still active?”

Days later I was answered by guitarist Jesse Zurretti when he sent me a pre-production instrumental track titled ‘Immersion‘ from their new album sessions. The band changed their sound quite a bit since then from the sound of things. The band have gone for a bit more in the way of djenty prog, and I could see Animals as Leaders or Periphery pulling something like this off! Stream the track below.

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There’s only one thing better than great music, and that’s FREE great music. Thankfully, Canadian tech-metallers Collections are familiar with this fact and so have decided to make their debut self-titled album available completely free of charge. The young band blends a mixture of styles into their music, but primarily focuses on a chaotic mathcore sound. Amidst the chaos however, you’ll find plenty of melodic passages that would fit perfectly among more straight up modern progressive metal acts. There’s also a sprinkling of deathcore and djent to be found here although it’s not as prevalent, but the transitions are seamless between all of the different styles.

Vocalist Vince Geiger’s consistent screams can be heard over everything, sounding similar to what you could expect to hear on a Norma Jean or The Chariot record, which adds a lot to the overall chaotic feel. The only downside to this album is that about halfway through it’s 37-minute run time the music begins to get a little too breakdown-heavy. There are still enough interesting sections interspersed throughout to keep the listener’s attention though, so it’s not too bad. This is only the beginning of the band’s life cycle after all, so we can hope to see plenty of improvement in this aspect on future releases. Overall, it’s an excellent start for them and you can stream and download the entire thing below: View Full Article »

 Full of Hell - Rudiments of Mutilation

What’s better than great music? Great music at a price of your choosing.

And that’s exactly Full Of Hell are giving you. The grindcore/hardcore punk act’s most recent album Rudiments Of Mutilation, released earlier this year, has been made available as a pay what you want download for the rest of the week through A389 Records’ Bandcamp page. So now you really have no excuse not to check out what is probably some of the most visceral and intense music you’ll hear all year. The band took to their Facebook page with a statement about the decision, that read as:

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Loss of Self - 12 Minutes

I’ve said time and time again that while I’m still sorta fresh to the black metal genre, I tend to love avant garde and post-black metal the most. The blend of black metal’s bleak extremities with the atmosphere of post-rock and the off-putting weirdness of avant garde music makes for some of the most challenging and artistic music out there.

One label in particular that caters to this specific fringe genre is The Flenser, who are responsible for releases from bands such as Wreck and Reference, Botanist, Panopticon, and more. The label are gearing up to promote another forward-thinking act in the form of Melbourne, Australia’s Loss of Self and their new album, Twelve Minutes.

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Born of Osiris Machine

Just yesterday, we posted video of Born of Osiris playing a new track live. The band and their label Sumerian Records have wasted no time in capitalizing on the hype and have released the song, titled ‘M∆CHINE‘, for free download.

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Far Stepper / Of Wide Sea

Returning We Hear The Larks‘ previous EP Proud England remains as one of my favorite djent releases so far, and it seems like a new full-length has been too long in the making. Finally, there’s a new significant release from the solo project of British musician Jak Noble, as Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea sees release on today, Noble’s 21st birthday!

Jak’s breed of tentative serenity brings to mind the likes of Deftones and Tesseract at times with riffing inspired by Vildhjarta. Based on what I’ve heard of the new record so far, Jak has stepped up his sound to include fuller production, even more brilliant songwriting, and versatile vocal work. Possibly his best work yet, this is a diverse prog album that deserves much wider attention! Stream and download Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea below.

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