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The Room Colored Charlatan is making a lot of waves right now among fans of progressive metal.  Here at Heavy Blog is Heavy we brought your attention to the full album stream and our own Matt MacLennan gave the band’s new record Primitives a Four Star review.

Now Great New Metal’s Brian Shields gets TRCC’s founding guitarist Justin Seymour on the phone to talk about the new record, the band’s direction and the future of progressive metal and to listen to the title track off Primitives.

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On this episode of Great New Metal Radio, we take a look at one of the more fascinating releases of 2014 so far, the album Lore of Lies from North Carolina’s Lorelei. Our host Brian Shields visits with Lorelei’s lead guitarist Aaron Taylor Pace about the concepts behind the record and we listen to the song ‘Masque.’

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On our third episode of Great New Metal Radio on Heavy Blog is Heavy we try out a new format.  Instead of doing long shows with multiple bands, we’re going to focus on one band, one song, and then something extra like an interview or commentary.  Let us know what you think of the changes.

On this episode, GNM’s Brian Shields visits with guitar virtuoso Dylan Furr about his solo album Nostalgia and we hear the song ‘Sacrosanct.’

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Subliminal Groove Records — home to a handful of favorite up and comers like Lorelei, Ascariasis, Slice the Cake, and Ovid’s Withering — is fast becoming a label to watch for forward-thinking underground metal. Their latest signing of one-man project Separatist is characteristic of the label in terms of niche and quality, but unique enough to be outstanding. Contrary to the name, Separatist exists in a world where brutal death metal, prog, black metal, tech death, and deathcore meld as one in the same. And yes, it absolutely works.

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plebian grandstand

There’s an emerging trend of blackened grindcore that I like to refer to as Deathspell Omegacore. I’ve always had the opinion that there is a tangible hardcore influence in Deathspell Omega‘s otherworldly, Lovecraftian music — tell me you don’t hear some Dillinger Escape Plan in the band’s newer material — but there are bands taking up the Deathspell mantle and dragging it kicking and screaming further into hardcore’s seedy underbelly, where grind and crust await.

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If their music is any indication, then the guys in Moonlit Sailor have got to be some of the happiest dudes in post-rock. There’s been an abundance of new music coming out in the genre lately, and this Swedish 4-piece have just dropped We Come From Exploding Stars, the latest in what is turning out to be a beautiful succession of releases. For their fourth record, the group continue their trend of writing upbeat and catchy songs, all framed and represented by vibrant, gorgeous artwork. Better yet, the band and their label Deep Elm Records have seen fit to offer the album completely free through bandcamp via the ‘name your price’ feature, so be sure to take advantage of this and pick it up:

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Heavy Comp Is Heavy Vol. 1

heavy comp I

‘Tis the season of giving and good will to all men and women, so we here at Heavy Blog decided to get into the swing of things by putting together the very first edition of Heavy Comp Is Heavy, showcasing some amazing and truly ear-battering new bands that are sure to be making huge waves in the coming years. From frantic mathcore, to bombastic prog-acrobatics, to sleek death metal, to filthy powerviolence, to majestic post-black metal and many points in between, HCIH Vol. 1 is enough of an eclectic listen that everyone is bound to find something they’ll enjoy. So head over to the Bandcamp page now, either stream or pick up a copy in a selection of formats and let us know what you think!

If Bandcamp asks you to pay for our compilation, use this link to download via dropbox instead!

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great new metal radio on hbih

Just in time for you to play at your Headbanging Holiday Party, Great New Metal Radio on Heavy Blog is Heavy is back with our second show that will put the shred into your celebrations.

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great new metal radio on hbih

Heavy Blog is Heavy is proud to present a new feature from Great New Metal’s Brian Shields, a regular radio/podcast designed to highlight some of the best up and coming acts in metal.  We hope you enjoy Great New Metal Radio on Heavy Blog is Heavy.

I’m very fortunate to hear amazing new metal bands just about every day, music recommended by people who follow me on Heavy Blog and on social media.  Other than just posting links on Facebook, I thought there ought to be a place where I can showcase the work of all of these sick artists and that’s how Great New Metal Radio on Heavy Blog is Heavy was born.

The goal here is to expose as many people as possible to bands more people should know about but don’t.  I can’t do this without your help.  If you’re in a band and you would like me to play your music or you’re a fan of a band that deserves exposure, call our hotline at 415-729-3253 or e-mail me at and send your recommendations.

There are several ways to listen to the show.  You can click the streaming player below, subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, or download the file directly here.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve written about UK-based progressive metal act Aeolist, and it certainly won’t be the last. We’ve been looking forward to this young band’s debut EP for some time, and now the wait is finally over. As is the trend for new and relatively unknown bands these days, along with a free stream of the music the group have seen fit to offer the release using the name-your-price Bandcamp model, and you’ll hear no complaints from us as far as that goes! Stream away: View Full Article »

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