EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Machines Are Rebelling with Master Boot Record’s “DMA 6 SCSI HOST ADAPTER”

The synthwave self-aware machine known as Master Boot Record has a new album out on April 20th. Direct Memory Access is the, um, computer’s fifth album in 3 years, and we’re pleased to premiere it’s seventh track, “DMA 6 SCSI HOST ADAPTER”. This sentient computer is a prolific songwriter, having…

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Persefone Keep The Proggy Goodness Coming With Brand New Single “In Lak’Ech”

Andorran prog lords Persefone’s latest album, Aathma, was one of my favourite albums of 2017. With that record, the band struck a perfect balance between the complex compositions of Dream Theater and the more ethereal odysseys of later day Cynic, to deliver what I honestly believe to be one of the greatest examples of contemporary progressive metal. While I’m sure the album will continue to reward for years to come, it was a long wait between their breakthrough record Spiritual Migration (2013) and this magnum opus. Thankfully, the band’s fans needn’t wait to hear more from the band this time around, as we are proud to present the lyric video for their brand new single “In Lak’Ech”—a noticeably darker track, featuring Tim Charles from Ne Obliviscaris.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: It’s Time To Make A Laugh Deposit At Steaksauce Mustache’s “Space Bank”

Ever since Red Fang released their by now legendary series of music videos and, if we’re being honest, well before that, metal and humor went hand in hand. Something about the irreverence of humor, especially the over the top, nonsensical one just blends extremely well with metal’s desire to resist and non-conform. This is where Steaksauce Mustache, an Oregon based band peddling a chaotic and fuzzy version of mathcore insanity and featuring former members of Arsonists Get All The Girls, are coming from on the new single which we’re proud to premiere today. Aliens, excessive drinking (albeit of chocolate milk), bodily discharges and more all blend into an immature and deeply satisfying mix. And the music is damn good as well; head on down below to check it out!

Exclusivo ad absurdum: Stream Instrumental (Adj.)’s New EP

Australia’s musical scene seems to know no bounds, and, thanks to the talents and efforts of people like Lachlan of Art as Catharsis, they are spread to the outside world. Case in point: I have the pleasure of introducing you to the entirety of Reductio ad absurdum, the upcoming EP from Sydney trio Instrumental (Adj.). The three have made quite a few waves on the Internet when they released their surprising and fresh debut A Series of Disagreements. It was short, but it overflowed with clever musical ideas and precise execution. It was jazzy, progressive, aggressive, mathematical, and, most of all, I couldn’t get enough of listening to it.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE – Let The Death Metal Flow Through You With Monotheist’s “Scourge”

There are few words strung together in a sentence that make me salivate like “Florida” and “death metal”. As the geographical epicenter of one of the most influential branches of the metal tree, it’s nearly impossible to discuss the growth and development of death metal without namedropping Tampa, Orlando, and…

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE – Immolate Yourself In Misanthropic Rage’s “Igne Natura Renovatur Integra”

Ah yes, it’s been a hot minute since we premiered some quality black metal on Heavy Blog. It has really been a fantastic few years for the genre and it’s not looking to slow down. Misanthropic Rage are here to make sure of that. Their Igne Natura Renovatur Integra (“all of nature is renewed by fire”) is a blistering black metal assault, merging furious riffs with unique touches of epic guitar leads and solos and a progressive mindset that keeps everything varied and well lubricated. The result is a complex, engaging and oppressive album which channels well the penchant for the inhuman and massive that black metal has always been infected with. We’re honored to premiere the full thing right here; head on down below for your first taste!