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Bad news, everyone: Chicago’s blackened doom outfit Indian — who released the stunningly bleak From All Purity just a year ago — have apparently called it quits.

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Combining mathcore and jazz fusion elements with obtuse blackened tones a la Deathspell Omega, New York-based outfit Castevet is a band not many are familiar with, but should be. Last year’s Obsian was under-publicized but highly praised, culminating in a gig at the high-profile Maryland Deathfest. If you missed their last album cycle, then you’ve already missed the boat, because they’ve just announced that the band have called it quits.

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Twilight III

How long has this new Twilight album been ready? I remember reading in Decibel magazine about the band, which features Jef Whitehead (Leviathan — bass, drums, vocals), Stavros Giannopolous (The Atlas Moth — guitars), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth — guitars), Imperial (Krieg — bass, vocals), and superproducer Sanford Parker (guitar, synth) finishing up in the studio, but that had to have been around a year ago, and that included Blake Judd (Nachtmystium), who has since stepped away from all of his projects, including this one. Regardless, this San Francisco supergroup has just released a new track from their long-awaited and final LP, III: Beneath Tridents Tomb, which is entitled ‘Lungs’. Check it out below:

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 brutal truth

Damn. It would seem we have reached the End Time for none other than grind legends, Brutal Truth. Bassist Dan Lilker (above, left of center), who has been in every band ever, took to the Facebook page earlier today to detail his upcoming retirement from touring and recording, set to fall on his birthday on October 18th, alongside the disbandment of Brutal Truth. The post reads:

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This weekend, Nachtmystium mastermind Blake Judd was released from jail (story here) and took to the internet to address the rumors and concerns from the internet at large. The good news: Blake has checked himself into rehab. The bad news: Nachtmystium may be done for good this time.

You can check out Blake’s statement (it’s a long one!) below, courtesy of ThePRP:

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Photo by Anthony Dubois

Bad news for fans of Swiss industrial metallers Sybreed. Following a departure from vocalist Benjamin Nominet, the band have decided to go on an indefinite hiatus instead of taking up the task of finding a replacement. Sybreed have taken to Facebook to make the following statement:

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Bands seem to be dropping like flies. All in the past few days, The Chariot and God Forbid announced their disbandment, and War From A Harlot’s Mouth announced that they would be going on hiatus. Another band we could potentially add to the list is Texas alt/prog rock group Fair To Midland. Things have been awful quiet on their front since the album cycle for their celebrated 2011 album Arrows & Anchors fizzled out. Now it seems we know why.

The apparently former drummer (what did I miss?!) Brett Stowers opened up on Facebook, and while it’s not exactly a 100% confirmation that we’re never hearing from the band again, his outlook is fairly pessimistic.

Lately, a lot of people have been asking me if I know anything about the current situation with Fair To Midland. I’m by no means an official source of info, but i’ll tell you what I know because I feel like the fans deserve to know what’s up.
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Following the bummer that was War From A Harlots Mouth taking a break, the day has been worsened by the almighty The Chariot calling it quits. The announcement was made via an ambiguous montage video and brief thank you:

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design the skyline

Design the Skyline — that band that got so much shit for being terrible that Attack Attack seemed reasonable in comparison — have fulfilled the wishes of metalheads the world over and called it quits, according to a post from Lambgoat.

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mar de grises

Bummer alert: Chilean progressive metallers Mar De Grises have decided to call it a day. If you’re reading this and scratching your head over who Mar De Grises are, then I don’t blame you. The group, despite having the critical acclaimed 2010 album Streams Inwards on their hands, the band never really had the opportunity to break out of obscurity.

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