Conducting From The Grave – Conducting From The Grave

Deathcore is a strange sub-genre. A lot like djent or metalcore, it had its day with several astronomically huge bands emerging on their way to world domination. Some of these bands survived, others fell, and a new crop of pretenders arrived to take their shot. This is just a long winded introduction to an album from a band who could simply be stuck in the deathcore aisle. Conducting From The Grave however, with this most recent delivery (their first self release since leaving Sumerian) are so much more than just that. This is a “core” album that grabs, shakes and violently beats around the head with a calculated and thoughtful brutality. So much so that someone, somewhere, is already thinking of a new moniker for this particular brand of death metal inspired mvsik.

Gorguts Announce December Headlining Dates

I’m finally going to see Gorguts and I am so excitebike right now. Prog/tech death visionaries Gorguts have gracefully picked up where they left off with this year’s Colored Sands. Thankfully, their reunion yielded amazing results where many other legendary-status bands in similar situations sort of just floundered and disappointed.…