(More) Unmetal for the (More) Open Minded: Samuel Hazo

Being an avid music lover of not just metal, but most music in general, I love hearing classical and modern concert band compositions.  In fact, I’m in the high school concert band, where I play percussion.   While some of the music can be rather boring, some pieces are just absolute beasts that any lover of music can appreciate.  Enter Samuel Hazo.

Any fan of progressive music can appreciate Samuel Hazo.  His music is often very nuanced and catchy.  A multitude of his pieces change time signature and key signatures numerous times and very fluidly.  His music ranges from middle-eastern, epic, and very beautiful.  I’ve had the honor of playing three of his pieces in my high-school band, and I can assure you that his pieces contain so much power then on recordings.

The piece I posted above, “Ride”, is a masterstroke of music.  I actually arranged a metal version of it.  The piece shows an astounding amount of key and time signature changes.  It’s mind-blowing.  Here are some of his more noteworthy pieces, and tell me what you think in the comments.

– GR.


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