Shock Old Man Gloom News To Cheer Up Your Grumpy Mugs

Despite having been kicking around this place for the best part of eighteen months, I’ve not yet had the opportunity to blow my load over anything related to Old Man Gloom – the seminal sludge/doom band formed many a year ago by members of ISIS, Converge, Cave In and Agoraphobic Nosebleed – because they having put out a record in seven fucking years.

Fair enough – it’s a ‘sometimes’ side-project for them, and the guys have been busy. Nate Newton (guitar, vocals) and Kurt Ballou (producer) have been busy making some of the best hardcore records of the noughties, as well as the latter handling desk duties for some other brilliant releases during the same period (Kvelertak‘s recent self-titled, Doomriders, Trap Them, Genghis Tron and Beecher, to name but a few). Caleb Schofield (bass) has had his hands full reforming Cave In, and Aaron Turner (vocals, guitar) was up to his neck in ISIS.

But the planets seem to have aligned, and with everyone free (or at least semi-free), Kurt announced last night that after a massive hiatus, we can expect new material from OMG in the near future. OMG indeed.

For those unfamiliar (which may be a number of you – young whelps!), give the following tracks a listen and try not to love them. Absolutely crushing.

More after the jump, including the sublime acoustic track “Clenched Tight In The Fist Of God” and the charmingly-entitled “Rape Athena“. Maybe that’s got something to do with why she’s got white arms?

– CG