ISIS To Release Five Posthumous Live Albums

Well, when they broke one year ago they said Wavering Radiant wasn’t going to be their last release, and they weren’t lying. The band today announced a quick succession of live albums to be released at two week intervals, starting as soon as May 31st!

This is excellent news, coming the day after news of ex-members Aaron Harris, Jeff Caxide and Bryant Clifford Meyer released news that they were demoing tracks together for an as-yet unnamed project.

The digital releases begin with ISIS Live I 9.23.03, a four-song, forty-minute recording from a performance at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Other performances include ones in Stockholm, Alberquerque, Boston, L.A., New York, Philidelphia, and one that is very close to me – London – because I was fucking there. Details are as follows, but this last album is of Oceanic in its entirety. It was one of the first metal shows I went to (seven long years ago, in July 2006), and I can safely say it solidified my love of heavy music. They were amazing.

Details are as follows:

ISIS Live I 9.23.03
Release date: May 31, 2011
Recorded at The Fillmore (San Francisco)
Track list:
1.  Carry
2.  Weight
3.  Hym
4.  The Beginning and the End
ISIS Live II 03.19.03
Release date: June 14, 2011
Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden
Track list:
1.  From Sinking
2.  Glisten
3.  Carry
4.  Weight
5.  The Beginning and the End
6.  Celestial (Ext./Alt. Version)
ISIS Live III 12.17.04
Release date: June 28, 2011
Recorded at The Launchpad (Albuquerque)
Track list:
1.  So Did We
2.  Backlit
3.  The Beginning and the End
4.  In Fiction
5.  Wills Dissolve
6.  Grinning Mouths
7.  Altered Course
ISIS Live IV Selections 2001 – 2005
Release date: July 12, 2011
Recorded: Various dates (2001, 2002 and 2005) at WMBR (Boston), The Troubadour (Los Angeles), CBGB’s (New York), The Rotunda (Philadelphia) and The Middle East (Boston)
Track list:
1.  Gentle Time
2.  Glisten
3.  CFT
4.  Celestial
5.  Improv 1 (Endless Nameless)
6.  False Light
7.  The Weight (Feat. Justin Chancellor and Troy Ziegler)
ISIS Live V 07.23.06
Release date: July 26, 2011
Recorded at Koko’s (London)
Track list:
1.  The Beginning and the End
2.  The Other
3.  False Light
4.  Carry
5. -/Maritime
6.  Weight
7.  From Sinking
8.  Hym

I seriously recommend picking these up. There are several pre-order packages available at, with pricing as follows:

$5.99 – Digital download of each individual album
$20 – Digital download of all five albums
$36 – ISIS Inaugural t-shirt and digital download of all five albums
$51 – ISIS Inaugural t-shirt, Clearing The Eye DVD and digital download of all five albums
$56 – ISIS Inaugural hoodie and digital download of all five albums
$71 – ISIS Inaugural hoodie, Clearing The Eye DVD and digital download of all five albums

Shitting bargain if you ask me.

– CG